Ted Cruz’ Grass Roots Tsunami versus Obama’s Sinkhole
Aug 26th, 2013 by kids4biz

Ted Cruz recently said that that it will take a “grassroots tsunami” to push legislators to stand in opposition to the national health-care law. He believes that if they do, they can win the argument against Obamacare. According to the Senator, “We need 41 Republicans in the Senate or we need 218 Republicans in the House.”

I agree with the Senator and respectfully recommend that the earthquake he needs to shake up this tsunami is House Resolution H.422, which “Express[es] the sense of the House of Representatives regarding thesuperiority of capitalism as an economic model.

The bill can be read at this link.

This 2-page resolution lays out the guiding principles of a party committed to free enterprise. It articulates ideas which are in stark contrast to Obama’s vision to transform America into a Socialist state. It expresses the essential elements of awareness of Capitalism that need to be spread among the American people so they’ll never again be seduced by the likes of President Obama.

If Senator Cruz wants to save Americans, young people in particular, from falling into Obama’s sinkhole, he’ll ask his colleagues in the House to Co-Sponsor H.RES.422. It will set in motion the tremors that will build the grassroots tsunami needed to keep America free.

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. His website is www.Kids4biz.com

60 Minutes gets it wrong about Capitalism
Jan 19th, 2011 by kids4biz

Last night 60 minutes on CNBC ran a show about the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. In it an interviewee said, “the Capitalists almost brought down Capitalism.”

If there’s one thing the average Jane (and Joe) needs to understand if she wants to play a role in reviving America’s economy and spirit, it’s that Capitalism had nothing to do with the financial meltdown of 2008. Capitalism is synonymous with “Laissez-faire Capitalism,” which from Wikipedia, ” describes an environment in which transactions between private parties are free from state intervention, including restrictive regulations, taxes, tariffs and enforced monopolies.”

How in an arena with the likes of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FDIC, government bailouts, the Community Reinvestment Act and the Federal Reserve does one find the temerity to call this Capitalism? The credit expansion caused by the Federal Reserve alone left the banking system to be leveraged well over 150 to 1. Is it any wonder why it would only take a 1% decrease in housing values, caused by sub-prime defaults, to severely impact the capital adequacy of the banking system and precipitate a much wider crisis?

Not once during the entire “60 minutes,” was there an indication that the government had ANY role in precipitating this crisis. In fact, the only time the government was mentioned as a player was when it swooped in as the hero with its bail outs.

Reporters, commentators and economic critics continue to trumpet this lie.  Given the simple facts about the definition of Capitalism and the government’s role during the crisis, it’s time the average Jane and Joe called them on it and demanded that they set the record straight. Capitalism is not the cause but indeed the way out of this mess.

Click this link to contact ANY Representative to encourage him or her to Co-Sponsor Congressman Rohrabacher’s bill promoting the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model.

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Why ObamaCare Passed
Mar 21st, 2010 by kids4biz

ObamaCare passed because enough citizens and legislators believe some version of the saying “money is the root of all evil”. This allowed a far left president to persuade legislators to take a giant step towards Socialism.  Despite a huge majority of opposition to ObamaCare, I lump citizens into this assessment because some of us elected President Obama and gave the Democrats an overwhelming majority in Congress.

The bedrock principles of Capitalism are freedom and mutually beneficial exchange, otherwise known as “honest profit making.” Capitalism has an extensive and rock solid theory to support its ideals. Along with that its record of achievement when compared to Socialism is both extraordinary and undeniable. When both theory and reality are ignored or passively dismissed to the detriment of oneself and society, root causes must be identified and questioned. The root cause in this case is the premise that money is the root of all evil.

I’m aware that some will say, “The saying is a Biblical misquote, the original saying being, the love of money is the root of all evil.” It may be factual that the original Biblical quote was intended to warn people about the evils of ill gotten gains. However, that intent has been powerfully overwhelmed, crushed and substituted with its present day incarnation, “money is the root of all evil.” The result is ObamaCare.

Getting back to root causes, I believe with confidence that humans by nature are good. They want to help others, but the overriding value is the quest for morality, the quest to “not be evil.” Even though Capitalism’s ability to “help thy brother” has proven itself time and time again, one of its core features is the pursuit of individual wealth, the honest pursuit of money. The most honest pursuer of money on earth cannot stop the guilt when their own virtue is turned against them because of their subconscious acceptance of money as the root of all evil. If in some corner of their hearts and minds they buy into the idea that money is the root of all evil, they become defenseless in the face of those who claim to be the champions of social justice, fairness and compassion through Socialism and all its variants. They will not rise to the level of intensity required to stop legislation like ObamaCare.

The root cause of ObamaCare is the lack of widespread reverence and universal moral support for honest profit making.  However the last eight months indicate that the tide may be turning. If Americans  forego the idea that money is the root of all evil and embrace honest profit making, they’ll rid themselves of unearned guilt and allow their nature given goodness to drive them to make things right.

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On a Night Before Christmas
Dec 26th, 2009 by kids4biz
On a night before Christmas with our country at rest
Our leaders convened to put freedom to test
The health care bill passed the dealmakers won
We’ll remember this day as an ominous one
So how did we get here, what path did we walk
To whom did we listen, to whom did we talk
Here are some thoughts, but they’re just an opinion
Wisdom or folly, it’s  your own decision
We humans are good, we love life, we set goals
Original sin is not in our souls
It’s our nature to grow, to value and choose
To make a large footprint, to fill giant shoes
We produce, we build wealth, we relieve worldwide pain
But let others decide what to do with our gain
We build rockets, find power beneath ocean floors
But let others decide if that fits with our mores
We fight for what’s right, we defend every nation
But let others call us the scourge of creation
How can it be, what have we done?
Why are the heroes the ones who must run?
Whenever one fails to defend what is right
Others step in and then they have the might
They take our core values and turn them around
They distort their true meaning and force us way down
And what are those mores that gave them the power?
The ones turned against us in this very strange hour
What are the lessons we’ve learned in our years?
Are they sources of strength or agents of tears?
If money is evil and pride is a sin
Then why not pull health care from air that is thin
If love is for all no matter for what
What does love mean when it’s given for naught?
When our brother is someone whose need takes first place
Why the surprise when he scowls in our face?
When that camel can’t walk through that needle’s thin eye
Will we seek out the rich man and ask him to try?
I know we’ve meant well in what we have taught
But look what has happened, look what we have wrought
Now our values betray us, the good have to wilt
We’re confused sorry victims of undeserved guilt
Will we watch  as our freedom and dreams slip away?
Will we watch as our children will slave and will pay?
How can we fix this, what can be done?
Is there time left to save us from Socialists’ gun?
The answer is “YES!”, it’s simple and sound
Let’s climb back atop the moral high ground
Let’s not waver, nor doubt, nor dally , nor tilt
Don’t accept what they say. LET’S GET RID OF OUR GUILT!
The warnings of pride are not meant to decry
The fire that burns within those who can fly
Let love have a price, there’s no other way
Diminish its value and it’s hell we will pay
To be sure help our brothers but demand their respect
Else they’ll bridle our will, else they’ll noose up our neck
They’ll blame us for problems when we’re not the cause
They’ll plot while we work and enslave us with laws
Freedom’s the answer but first we must learn
To cast off the guilt that we never did earn
Those who seek power hide their greatest of dread
That we’ll discover self love and refuse to be led
Those who are free build the wealth without czars
They unlock the secrets and plan trips to stars
They treat others as partners, they have nothing to hide
And everyone’s welcome to join in the ride
So let’s make a pledge in 2010
To believe in ourselves and never again
Let our values be used by those who seek power
For those who love freedom, it’s our finest hour
The End
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Inflation for Kids
Nov 22nd, 2009 by kids4biz

There´s a lot to write about inflation but only a slice will be covered here. The goal is to show, by example, how the government uses inflation to increase Socialism. The example also shows how the public is deceived into blaming Capitalism for higher prices and the ensuing economic problems. The example, in this case, is a slightly modified version of one provided in “Capitalism” by George Reisman.

Many people experience inflation, and even define it, as a general economy wide rise in the prices of goods and services. While rising prices are only a symptom of inflation, not inflation itself, the example will focus on the symptom to make a few points.

Let´s say you´re in the pharmaceutical business making and selling a heart drug and on January 1st you buy $100 worth of chemicals to make the pills. To keep things VERY simple, let´s say the chemicals are your only cost and on December 31st of that year you sell all your heart drug pills for $110. That means there´s $10 gross profit for your business, from which you pay $5 in income taxes to the government, leaving $5 net profit. There´s also $100 left to buy chemicals to make next year´s supply of heart drug pills. If there is no inflation, you can operate your business year after year. Now let´s run through that example again, but this time with inflation. Here´s how it goes.

After you buy your $100 worth of chemicals on January 1st, let´s say the government creates 10% inflation. Simply put, they do this by working with the Federal Reserve to increase the money supply. Money is created out of thin air for Socialist programs. On December 31st you now sell your heart drug pills for $121 instead of $110. Since there´s $21 in gross profit, the government will want $10.50 in taxes leaving $10.50 net profit for your pharmaceutical company.

HOLY COW! Now the news media swings into action, proclaiming you´re gouging the public, doubling your gross profit to over 20% and your net profit to over 10% in one year. You´re the villain and the government is called in to do something about your unbridled greed. Let´s finish the math to see what a travesty this is and how the general public is deceived.

If you want to continue your business in the following year, the cost of your chemicals on January 1st is not $100 but $110 due to inflation in the price of chemicals. If you subtract this from your revenue of $121, you´re left with $11. The government takes $10.50 in taxes leaving your company with 50 cents in net profit!

That´s right, the government created inflation and the government took the bulk of the money through increased taxes ($5 in year the first year and $10.50 in the second year). The government now has even more money for its Socialist programs and private industry has that much less. Finally, along the way, the media views you as the greedy Capitalist, the people will call upon government to regulate your business and the market will become less free.

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