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Cui Buono?

“Cui Bono?” translated as “Who Benefits?” I came across this phrase in a movie titled “A More Perfect Union”, which presents an historically accurate reenactment of the Constitutional Convention and its surrounding events. During an early scene, John Adams argues for free trade between England and the U.S. with his British counterpart. The smug British politician replies, “Cui Bono”, which in a similar context in today’s times would be translated as, “go pound sand, it’s not in our interest and you guys are falling apart, so why should we?” He learns why at the end of the movie when John Adams returns and nearly womps him upside his head with the newly signed U.S. Constitution. Recently, sev

Congressman Andrews Unwittingly Nails It

Congressman Rob Andrews was a guest on Greta Van Susteren’s show this evening following the President’s latest jobs speech. He made a comment that our government’s decision making process is VERY SLOW. This is more profound than the Congressman knew or intended. If he understood the implications of his statement, he’d join the Tea Party. Citizens world wide live in economic systems that require billions of PRECISE decisions to be made on a daily basis in real time and in most cases by experts. “Experts” vary depending on the context of the decision being made. Decisions range from CEOs deciding how to best allocate corporate research dollars to parents deciding on how best to allocate the fa

"Adopt a School" or "Day of Rage"

According to Wikipedia, “Constitution Day (or Citizenship Day) is an American federal observance that recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens. It is observed on September 17, the day the U.S. Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution in 1787.” has several programs to help celebrate and promote the ideas of this great day. One of them is the “Adopt a School” program, which is “designed to help you (i.e. those who promote it) bring our Constitutional heritage back into our public schools”. Contrast efforts like these to the up coming U.S. Day of Rage. In fairness to this effort, the website proclaims non-vio

"Crony Capitalism" - an Oxymoron

Conservatives ought to rethink their use of the phrase “Crony Capitalism” because it plays into the hand of the left. Fundamentally, it’s an oxymoron and while that speech form is OK in a certain context, it shouldn’t be used to hurt one’s very own goals. “Cronyism”, in the political context, is the opposite of “laissez-faire” and Capitalism is by definition “laissez-faire Capitalism”. When someone mentions “Crony Capitalism” in the presence of a Conservative, the reaction should be, “there’s no such thing.” If a person or business is truly practicing Capitalism, cronyism is anathema. When Capitalists resort to cronyism they’ve abandoned their core Capitalistic principles (and morals) and h