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No Free Rides, Mr. Redford

At the annual Sundance Film Festival, actor Robert Redford said these words: “For years and years and years, you’ve all experienced what we had to live with, the fact that other countries are far more supportive of their artists than we are…” Redford is wrong. A quick check of reveals that total domestic gross for 598 movies on the charts was over 9.8 BILLION DOLLARS! Redford goes on to say the following: “…I think it’s just tragic that we don’t support our artists more than we do. And as long as we’re going to have that kind of thinking in Congress, we’re going to have to fight it.” I believe what Robert Redford is getting at is that he wants our tax dollars to support art

Hannity Drops the Ball With Springer on Capitalism!

When it comes to blowing past Liberals, Sean Hannity is first string. However, every now and then a star player turns in a stinker and recently Sean Hannity dropped the 5 yard end zone lob not once but THREE TIMES! In the span of about 10 minutes Sean let Jerry Springer get away with the outrageous statement, to his multi-million member audience, that Capitalism could never achieve full employment because a Capitalist only wants to reduce employment and make profit. Not only were Sean’s responses anemic but on the last time he actually said, “I get it!” Without even going into a theoretical retort to Springer’s lunacy, all Sean had to do was let reality speak for him. The countries and state

Will Congress Hit a Home Run for Our Country in 2012?

In March of 2009 the Dow Jones Average hit a low for the recent recession, having lost 53% of its value from its all time high 15 months earlier. In April 2009, a month following the stock market low, a bill was introduced “Honoring and saluting Hillerich & Bradsby Co. on the 125th anniversary of the Louisville Slugger” and which 102 Congressional Representatives Co-Sponsored. This is perfectly fine since most people love baseball and our national pastime has always been a haven during difficult times. Fast forward to September 17th of 2011 when the Occupy movement kicked off its national Socialism tour. Ironically, if not sadly, it was Constitution day. The media jumped on the story, giving