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Career Day Should Be Every Day

What is the most important reason a child goes to school? In my opinion, the answer is “to teach a child the skills necessary to pursue a successful life.” Note the words “skills,” “pursue,” and “successful.” While the educational authority (public, private or homeschool) has a fundamentally important role in the process, the ultimate actor is the child. Motivated by good educators, the child will have to make the choice to use the “skills,” make the decision to “pursue” dreams and decide what is “success.” As adults we generally “cut kids slack” by making their decision for them in the early years. However, a goal of any adult with the power to influence a young person’s life should be to a

Obamacare Hearing, the Fight for Freedom

The Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, will finally take place this week. One of the things that will be decided is whether Congress could, i.e. is allowed to, penalize an individual for NOT engaging in commerce. The hearing and subsequent ruling promise to be gripping events, attracting worldwide attention. However, the REAL discussion, which never took place, needed to focus on the question “SHOULD Obamacare have been passed at all?” The now infamous quote by Nancy Pelosi, “we need to pass it so we can see what’s in it,” highlights how our political process was distorted to block such a discussion. Recent findings by the Congressional Budget Office