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Obama or Romney, Power or Persuasion?

In November, the choice between Obama or Romney is at its core a choice between power or persuasion. Honest individuals on the left and right would be compelled to agree that most of Obama’s ideas require the use of force, the power of government, in order to implement. Obamacare, higher taxes, restricted energy exploration, bank bailouts, “The Buffet Rule”, cap and trade, the list goes on. A Romney presidency, on the other hand, would be characterized by a shift towards free enterprise. What does that mean to the average person. For starters, it means that force is taken out of our daily lives. No matter how big or how successful a corporation is, in a free enterprise system that corporatio

The "Rohrabacher Rule" - Persuasion not Coercion

Americans have a unique opportunity to compare, side by side, two opposing visions for our country,“The Buffet Rule,” versus the “Rohrabacher Rule.” On one side is the “tax the rich, class warfare” coercive vision of President Obama. This strategy is represented by Senate Bill S.2059, and Obama’s aggressive promotions for it, otherwise know as “The Buffett Rule.” Click this link and determine if you UNDERSTAND and support the Obama vision. On the other side is the vision of economic freedom, personal dignity and voluntary cooperation as expressed in Congressman Rohrabacher’s “Superiority of Capitalism” bill, H.RES.422. “The Rohrabacher Rule,” can be accessed through this link. Please take a

Rules for Defeating Radicals

As Obama continues his class warfare strategy for reelection with Saul Alinski inspired initiatives like “The Buffet Rule,” freedom loving Americans are fighting back against the “Rules for Radicals” disciples. In this post I take the liberty of codifying what patriotic Americans already know and do. These “Rules for Defeating Radicals” are offered as a playbook to help restore America. Individual freedom is the standard by which all rules are judged. Live for it. Bromides like “for the public good,” when associated with political initiatives, are clear signals that individual rights are about to be violated. Don’t be fooled. Alleged economic and social benefits, which often cause more harm

What's Obama's Game?

The president’s recent attack on the Supreme Court begs the question, “what’s his game?” There are those that can accurately judge a individual’s motives based on their license plate. I have no such powers and not knowing the president on a personal level can only speculate on his intentions. What are possible reasons for this action: The president does not know Constitutional law, or understand the basic structure of government The president is trying to intimidate Supreme Court Justices into making a favorable decision on Obamacare The president is in full community organizing mode, hoping to ignite hostility towards the Supreme Court for his re-election While this is not an exhaustive l