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It’s Obama’s Recession

Liberals often recite some version of, “we lost 741K jobs in President Bush’s last month of office” and then continue to give President Obama credit for saving the country from another Great Depression. They use this statistic like a weapon, not realizing it can and should be immediately turned against them. The truth of the matter is, the Democrats caused the recession and Obama is keeping it alive. It’s Obama’s recession and here’s why. The Democrats won control of the Congress and Senate in November of 2006. The job loss under President Bush began in November of 2006. There’s a nice graph of this here contained in this article by Sean Patrick Hazlitt. This makes perfect sense because busi

A Congressional Resolution to Rock the National Debate

There’s an AMAZING Congressional Resolution seeking Co-Sponsors that could impact the political debate in this country and worldwide. It was submitted by the courageous Congressman Rohrabacher on October 5th of last year and its title is: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the superiority of capitalism as an economic model. You can read the 2-page text of the bill here at The first tremors of impact will be felt when this bill is brought to the House floor for a vote. Americans will officially learn where each of our Representatives stand on support for free enterprise Capitalism. But the significant quakes of impact will resonate when t

Are You a "Julia?"

On a recent Sean Hannity show, Kirsten Powers, using the tactic of personal demonization from the Saul Alinsky playbook, accused Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson of misogyny. For those of you who don’t know, Reverend Peterson runs an organization named BOND, whose mission statement “…stresses the importance of self-reliance, honesty, and helping others through patience.” Note the emphasis on self reliance and lack of emphasis on government funding to reach these noble goals. Ironically, the somewhat heated exchange between Powers and Peterson occurred in the midst of the Obama campaign’s “The Life of Julia” launch. I won’t lower myself to the methods of a community organizer and call the campaign

Fight #OWS With "Rules for Defeating Radicals"

As the Occupy Wall Street movement kicks off a global disruption on May 1st, hard working, freedom loving INDIVIDUALS the world over ought to consider these RULES FOR DEFEATING RADICALS. 1. Individual freedom is the standard by which all rules are judged. Live for it. 2. NEVER accept unearned guilt. 3. Capitalism is the unsung hero. Defend it righteously. 4. Socialism is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Oppose it vigorously. 5. Money and Pride, earned honestly, are good. Allow no one to convince you otherwise. 6. Charity, if voluntary, is good. Embrace it…voluntarily. 7. Beware the Globalists. Never compromise your values. 8. “Don’t accept the narrative, speak truth to power, have fun do