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George Washington & Justice Roberts

Last fall, during Constitution week, I had the opportunity to work with our local school district in creating awareness of the U.S. Constitution. Ironically, Constitution day is September 17th, the same day the anti-Constitution movement began, a.k.a., “Occupy Whatever.” As part of the awareness program, schools were given a feature length movie titled, “A More Perfect Union.” It was a reenactment of the Constitutional Convention, where the Founding Fathers engaged in dramatic and often intense discussions, debates and heated arguments, which produced one of the finest documents in history. During an early scene in the movie, an item of interest was presented rather innocuously, which later

Fight the ObamaTax With These Rules for Defeating Radicals

As the ObamaTax leads us further down the road towards Socialism, hard working, freedom loving INDIVIDUALS the world over ought to consider these RULES FOR DEFEATING RADICALS. 1. Individual freedom is the standard by which all rules are judged. Live for it. 2. NEVER accept unearned guilt. 3. Capitalism is the unsung hero. Defend it righteously. 4. Socialism is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Oppose it vigorously. 5. Money and Pride, earned honestly, are good. Allow no one to convince you otherwise. 6. Charity, if voluntary, is good. Embrace it…voluntarily. 7. Beware the Globalists. Never compromise your values. 8. “Don’t accept the narrative, speak truth to power, have fun doing it.” –