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Why Gun Control is “Dead” Wrong

In dealing with dangers to ourselves and society we generally pursue at least two courses of action. The first and most important is training people and ourselves for immediate response to the inevitable, which is the actual occurrence and confrontation of the danger. The second is the prevention of the danger. While the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true in many situations, when it comes to life and death events, we always need to be prepared for the actual event’s occurrence. It would be suicide to rely only on prevention. It would be irresponsible to remove or disallow the very tools that will be most effective in dealing with the dangerous event, particu

Don’t Rely on the Capitalists to Save Capitalism

This is just another example of where the right is silent and letting the left drive the discussion on Capitalism. The left is doing a great job of trashing the greatest engine of prosperity the world has ever seen, while driving the country towards Socialism the greatest engine of death and destruction. Even the so called Capitalists (Google’s Eric Schmidt) have NO CLUE on how to defend Capitalism Check out Google’s Eric Schmidt’s anemic attempt to represent Capitalism: When are our Representatives going to step up and support Dana Rohrabacher ‘s superiority of Capitalism resolution? When are guys like Sean Hannity , Dennis Prager , Dick Morris and Michelle Malkin and the rest of our truly

Gun Control is Child Abuse!

When Americans were slaughtered at Perl Harbor, we didn’t ask for an international ban on bombs and fighter planes. We didn’t reach out to Hitler’s and Emperor Hirohito’s physicians and implore them to up their medications. We called upon the warriors of America to fight back! They responded with enthusiasm with many volunteering for duty. They were trained, they were sufficiently armed and they destroyed the enemy with fierce and unconquerable righteousness. In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, I’m appalled that Conservatives are not responding with a POWERFUL AND RIGHTEOUS ZEAL for MORE GUNS in the hands of responsible citizens. Conservative calls for weaponry MUST EXCEED the left win

Congress Refuses to Stop Economic Child Abuse

Merriam-Webster Dictionary recently announced that “Capitalism” and “Socialism” were the most looked up words for 2012, demonstrating the public’s desire for greater awareness of these diametrically opposed political-economic systems. At the same time, in what can arguably be interpreted as support for Socialism, the California Federation of Teachers produced a video showing “the rich” urinating on the poor. Similarly, President Obama has been engaged in an aggressive campaign to fundamentally transform America. It’s a sure bet, he’s not leaning towards Laissez Faire Capitalism. Lastly, the Occupy movement, which along with California teachers enjoys making its point with human waste, is mak