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It’s the Morality, Stupid

James Carville coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid,” during Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential run. Tactically, this helped Clinton win the election. Strategically, this catchphrase is not a reliable bellwether for winning hearts, minds and elections as demonstrated by Obama’s victory during the worst economy since the Great Depression. What drives citizens is morality. Goodness, kindness, fairness, and justice are ingrained in human nature and deep within the American psyche. Unfortunately for Conservatives, while their policies rest on a morally superior philosophy and produce ethically superior results, they’ve allowed Liberals to win the PR battle on morality. On every major issue

Capitalism, the Cure for Economic ChildAbuse

Merriam-Webster Dictionary recently announced that “Capitalism” and “Socialism” were the most looked up words for 2012, demonstrating the public’s desire for greater awareness of these diametrically opposed political-economic systems. At the same time, in what can arguably be interpreted as support for Socialism, the California Federation of Teachers produced a video showing “the rich” urinating on the poor. Similarly, President Obama has been engaged in an aggressive campaign to fundamentally transform America. It’s a sure bet, he’s not leaning towards Laissez Faire Capitalism. Lastly, the Occupy movement, which along with California teachers enjoys making its point with human waste, is mak

Reading, WRiting, ‘Rithmetic and Weapons Training

When Americans were slaughtered at Pearl Harbor, we didn’t ask for an international ban on bombs and fighter planes. We didn’t reach out to Emperor Hirohito’s psychiatrist and implore him to increase the dictator’s medications or ask that Japan embark on nationwide investigation into mental illness. We took care of business! We called upon the warriors of America to fight back! They responded with intense and determined enthusiasm with many volunteering for duty. They were trained, they were sufficiently armed and they destroyed the enemy with fierce and unconquerable righteousness. Like they often do, the Left is again playing trickery with words. Where Socialism became Progressivism and Gl

Conservatives GAVE the Election to Obama!

Conservatives gave the election to Obama! The facts are in. The math is indisputable and it’s simple. Here it is in bullet form so the logic can be easily followed: 119 million people voted in the 2012 election Obama received 61.2 million votes and Romney receive 58.1 million votes, a 3.1 million vote win for Obama Nineteen percent (19%) was from the youth vote (ages 18-29), representing 22.6 million votes Obama received 60% of these votes or 13.6 million votes Romney received 36% of these votes or 8.1 million votes This means Obama had 5.5 million more YOUTH votes than Romney Another commonly agreed fact is that Conservatives have more children than Liberals, however let’s play it c