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Once Upon Obamacare

It’s not uncommon for me to sprinkle a political opinion in now and then. This week, out of obligation to the future of our children, I’m compelled to pontificate. However, in the spirit of “On Dad’s Watch,” it will be in story form. Once upon a time, a few brave men risked their lives and fortunes, to fight for a noble idea called freedom. Today, these men would be known as the 1%. Contrary to their contemporary counterparts, they were lauded by the masses, rather than demonized, for their courage and nobility. Together with their fellow patriots they “brought forth a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” As proof of their devotio

Saving the U.S. by Fighting for Capitalism

When things turn out EXACTLY as you feared, saying “I told you so,” is a worthless consolation. Case in point, on September 17th of 2011, the Socialist enriched “Occupy” movement was launched. Ironically, it was also “Constitution Day,” a fact I’m convinced was lost on the “Occupiers” and sadly, on many Americans. President Obama, while not overtly supporting the movement, did so indirectly and aggressively in the context of his 2012 re-election campaign. Both the Occupiers and President Obama, while ideologically corrupt, were righteously committed. On October 5th of 2011, Congressman Rohrabacher had the courage to submit Congressional Resolution H.RES.422, “Expressing the sense of the Hous