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The Problem With Healthcare Dot Gov is Dot Gov

Providing quality, universally affordable health care to the masses is achieved through acts of production not acts of Congress. It is achieved by driving prices DOWN through innovation focused on consumer desires not UP through government bureaucracy focused on ideological mandates. In support of that claim, compare the way the government rolls out programs to the way enterprises roll out products, specifically, a software product realized through what industry calls “agile methods”. Technologists, particularly software developers, ought to be aware of the agile manifesto, stated here for reference; Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive d

Halloween 2013

Well, it was five halloweens ago, before a very important election, that I said our country would change. Not only would gasoline prices soar, but the health care industry would come under complete control of the government. Every American would abide by rules dictated by government bureaucrats. Taxes would also increase and the national debt would skyrocket. Today’s children would be lead like lambs to a slaughter to bear the burden of a greatly expanded entitlement state. Our military would be decimated, and under the guise of improving our standing in the world, the United States would become a laughing stock. The plan to destroy America is underway. I’m Barack Obama and I wish you and yo