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A New Perspective on Same-Sex Marriage

The same sex marriage issue will continue to divide and plague American politics until there’s a fundamental change in perspective on the discussion. This post offers that new perspective. Same sex marriage is always debated as a discrimination issue. Technically speaking, “discrimination” pertains to the power of making fine distinctions in judgment.” Without the ability to judge if one thing is different from another, humans would never have made it out of the stone age. When it comes to sacred bonds between two individuals, discrimination is appropriate. On, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is described as, “…the most famous relationship book ever published.” Amazon

Happy “Harvest the Earth Day!”

Today is the second annual Harvest the Earth Day. Harvest the Earth Day is a celebration in honor of humans worldwide. Harvest the Earth Day recognizes the following: Humans are the chosen species on Earth. Only humans have a perpetual desire and unlimited capacity for goodness. Human desire and capacity for goodness is fulfilled by harvesting resources on Earth. Mother Nature loves her human children. Mother Nature’s advice to her children is, “If you make a small footprint, no one will ever try to fill your shoes.” This link, where Alex Epstein discusses “Why You Should Love Fossil Fuels,” at Prager University, is highly recommended for you and your children. Happy Harvest the Earth Day ev