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GOP Pundits -BACK OFF! Sep 19th, 2015 by kids4biz

It’s bad enough outlets like the NY Time, CNN and the MSM at large salivate at every chance it gets to denigrate, defame and embarrass GOP candidates. It’s embedded in their Saul Alinski genes to demonize the opposition, particularly when the opposition has a wealth of actionable ideas that dramatically outshine anything the Left has evangelized in theory or launched into practice. However, watching GOP pundits and party leaders fall over themselves to criticize and otherwise take down a candidate who’s demonstrating exactly what the next President needs to save the country, would be laughable if it wasn’t so intellectually pathetic! Donald Trump is demonstrating CONFIDENCE, PATRIOTISM, HONE

Kids4biz – Economic Ideas for Citizens

A few economic ideas citizens should consider : 1. Humans are intelligent beings and as such their capacity to desire fine things is unlimited 2. Humans collaborate with honesty and integrity to build businesses, which fulfill needs at every level 3. In a rational world, all exchanges of goods, services and labor happen voluntarily and to the mutual benefit of all 4. The capacity to harvest resources from the earth and the universe is limited only by human ingenuity 5. In a political environment where enterprises, workers and consumers are free to deal with each other without coercions there would never be recessions, depressions or any economic crisis that could not be rapidly mitigated