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Trump is the Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

Donald Trump is the Democrats worst nightmare. The self-anointed “Progressives” are well aware their policies DON’T WORK and have been thoroughly rebuked by, of all things, reality. Their only possibility for grabbing power is to create mass discontent by dividing the populace along lines of race, gender, age and class, while creating a common enemy (Republicans) through outright lies and personal demonizations. Then, they present themselves as saviors of ALL those disconnected groups in an attempt to unite them against evil Conservatives. But now, they’ve come up against a bold, courageous leader in Donald Trump, who is not afraid of the personal attacks. He turns them to his advantage, he

Uniting the GOP for Victory!

“When you don’t have a good philosophy, you eventually become a slave to a bad one.” Five years ago, uncomfortably LARGE groups of people united around the Socialist driven Occupy Movement. Some defecated on police cars, while others desecrated the American flag. It resulted in a Socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders, having a very real chance of becoming the President of the United States. It resulted in a substantial chunk of our young people chanting “feel the Bern!” in support of Socialism as they tapped out anti-Capitalist messages on their Capitalist provided iPhones. It may very well result in the election of Hillary Clinton, a politician who is unofficially, yet demonstrably dedicated