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Net Neutrality and Marco Polo

Depending on how geeky one wants to be about the history of technology, the Internet has been around for a LONG time, at least from a technology perspective. For the sake of discussion, let’s say the Internet, the World Wide Web or the Web, captured public awareness in 1994 when Netscape was founded. Given that, raise your hand if you’ve been perniciously, coercively and consistently blocked from getting to content on the web? How many of you are lacking in web content? How many of you are REALLY upset by the price you pay to send gigabytes of information around the world, across the sky, beneath the oceans and through outer space to colleagues and acquaintances in mere seconds? How many of

#FrankenPoints and #SemenStains

Everyone should be aware that the Democrats have a new set of talking points. We can call them #FrankenPoints As background, let’s recap the state of the Democratic party. After decades of failed policies (economic, energy, health care, defense, fiscal, immigration, national security and foreign), they turned to famed community organizer Saul Alinski and the Leftist bible he wrote, “Rules for Radicals.” Alinski’s book was dedicated to Lucifer and laid the groundwork for today’s politics of personal destruction. True to form for Alinski followers, Progressives have attempted to demonize anyone who disagrees with them as greedy, sexists, racists, homophobic fascists. Isn’t it ironic that an id