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Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and Rifles

“C” “A” “T” spells “CAT”, 2 + 2 = 4 and the 2nd Amendment protects Americans from tyranny. The latter rule should be solidly engrained in American education curriculums. It should be taught regularly in K through 12 and explored more deeply with each passing lesson. America’s youth must understand the roots of their freedom and how easily those roots can be ripped from their philosophical soil if the Second Amendment is corrupted by misapplied background checks, no fly rules, terrorist watch lists and insidious gun control laws. Our educational institutions are engaged in Constitutional subterfuge, carried out through political child abuse. Intelligent youngsters are incited to bombard polit

Retake the Moral High Ground on Guns

It’s time to retake the moral high ground on guns and the 2nd amendment with vigor. Our lives and freedom are in danger if we don’t. Leftists want our consent to disarm ourselves, and society at large, against maniacs’ bullets so they can realize their Socialist Distopia. There are too many news stories, too many Facebook posts and too many emails from Leftists who take the moral and anger high ground on the gun debate following the recent shooting. “I’m ANGRY!” They scream. “Our children are being massacred!” They cry. “Stop the gun lobbyists and the NRA!” They chant. These Leftist outburst are sanctimonious, evasive, presumptuous, misinformed, disingenuous and anti-American! They deceive c


Why does God love Amazon?Amazon employs over 640,000 full time workers. The company makes a mere 4.3 % profit after years of returns in the 1-2% range. Amazon not only sells millions of products at the lowest of prices to everyone worldwide with super fast delivery, but they make it possible for everyone to sell THEIR own goods on the Amazon e-commerce platform. Amazon makes movies and TV shows, many of which are available for free. Amazon is also working to bring us space travel and many might not be aware they are a leader in offering low cost information technology services through their Amazon “cloud.” The statements made by Congresswoman Cortez far exceed ignorance and negligence. Her w

Why I Wrote Bedtime Stories About Capitalism

“OK child. Will it be “The Three Bears,” “Hansel and Gretel” or a bedtime story about Capitalism?” Chances are your kid won’t opt for an economic lesson simmering in free enterprise overtones as a prelude to dreamland. Nonetheless, if a parent wants to guide a young person down a certain philosophical path, it’s never too early to consider doing it with non-traditional stories that supplement the bedtime classics. Illustrated fictions are time tested, fun tools in a parent’s bag of moral wisdom for teaching foundational ideas ranging from basic hygiene to playmate etiquette, to the depravity of stealing and lying. Years ago, I decided to join this worthy tradition by writing stories that cle

"Et tu, Brute?"

I’m a fan of Jonah Goldberg and Ann Coulter. They’re both intelligent, witty, honest and provide excellent insight. However, their recent articles backstab President Trump in a way that would make Julius Caesar’s ex-”friend,” Marcus Junius Brutus, proud. President Trump has taken on the Russians, the EU, North Korea, China, the Democrats, his party RINOs, a special counsel and a corrupt main stream media and he is WINNING! Despite this, Jonah Golberg has the audacity to call him weak and Ann Coulter has the “Ann Coulter” to call him an idiot. It’s time to open a can of “Wh**p*ss” on these two, so here goes: What were you thinking?! Are you nuts?! Who’s side are you on?! Did your mama raise a