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#ROCKMEREBELS vs. The Socialists

Why is it that a significant percentage of America's youth have a positive attitude towards Socialism? According to this article, "36% of millennials polled say that they approve of communism (i.e., slavery by force, versus Socialism's slavery by majority vote), which is up significantly from 28% in 2018." There are two simple reasons for this. The first is, their teachers and the media at large, are Leftists, and Leftists are Socialists. The second reason is, young people believe Socialism is the moral political-economical system. In other words, young people want to be good, and they believe Socialism is good. Along with this, their view of Capitalism is typically, AT BEST, that it's a ne

How New York Helped Save America

Let’s begin with a couple of ancillary facts before diving into the main thesis. It is not the intention to compare New York or New Yorkers to other states, or regions of the U.S., and to their respective citizens. Nor is it the intent to degrade anything not “New York.” Quite the contrary, every state and region in our great country, is inhabited by individuals and groups that make America the greatest country civilization has ever known. The focus herein is on New York. Also, while New York State is home to over 19 million residents, this is about the eight or so million that live in New York City. The exclusion of nearly 11 million residents, is not with disrespect. It’s merely a distinc