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Economic Child Abuse

I believe it was Mark Levin who coined the phrase “Economic Child Abuse.” During an interview on the Sean Hannity show in April of 2009 he commented that our children will be compelled to work for generations for money that is already spent, while their opportunities and liberties will be limited. He continued to correctly observe that our government was gluttonous, stealing money from the future to pay for benefits of today.

I agree with Mark and add that economic child abuse is compounded by the fact that our young people are mislead into believing that the way out of the mess is greater government involvement in both the economic system and our lives in general. Many of them graduate from high school and college versed in economic concepts that promote deficit spending and aggressive regulation. Socialism occupies the moral high ground in their minds with Capitalism viewed, at best, as a necessary evil despite the historical and contemporary evidence, which conspicuously proves otherwise.

Until we create general awareness of the fundamental principles of Capitalism and its record of economic and political achievements compared to Socialism and Keynesian-ism, we’ll be engaging in economic child abuse.

Visit kids4biz for more information on stopping economic child abuse.

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