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Congress Refuses to Stop Economic Child Abuse

Merriam-Webster Dictionary recently announced that “Capitalism” and “Socialism” were the most looked up words for 2012, demonstrating the public’s desire for greater awareness of these diametrically opposed political-economic systems.

At the same time, in what can arguably be interpreted as support for Socialism, the California Federation of Teachers produced a video showing “the rich” urinating on the poor. Similarly, President Obama has been engaged in an aggressive campaign to fundamentally transform America. It’s a sure bet, he’s not leaning towards Laissez Faire Capitalism. Lastly, the Occupy movement, which along with California teachers enjoys making its point with human waste, is making no secret that its agenda is Marxist heavy.

When future generations will be saddled with what some estimate as 80 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities, when their education and psychology warps them into confused, snarling haters of the rich, and when a President brain washes them with text messages on the very devices made by the heroes of Capitalism, you have nothing short of economic child abuse.

While the left engages in this assault on our children, it IS a secret, until now, that NOT A SINGLE, free enterprise loving Representative from either side of the aisle has been bold enough to trumpet the virtues of Capitalism by Co-Sponsoring H.RES.422. This bill, dubbed “The Rohrabacher Rule” in honor of the Congressman who had the courage to submit it, expresses, “the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the superiority of capitalism as an economic model.”

Instead of jumping on the opportunity to make as bold a stand for Capitalism as the President is for Socialism, the so-called defenders of Capitalism have let him and his accomplices get away with a host of lies and intellectually corrupt mischaracterizations. They’ve allowed Obama and team to demonize the wealth producers as an evil group called the 1%.. They’ve permitted the unjust characterization of Capitalism as some socially disparaging system of trickle down. They’ve let Obama and the Marxist left peddle snake oil slogans like “you grow an economy from the middle out.” The messaging by the Right, particularly by the GOP, is anemic.

Why does the Right let the President and his minions perpetrate such dishonesty when it’s so easy to destroy their arguments?

Who can deny that Capitalism literally creates an AMAZON of goods and services for the poor and middle class. How can anyone in ANY class press “add to cart” and say Capitalism is a system of “TRICKLE DOWN.” Similarly, a few clicks at will reveal that most of the wealth of the evil 1% is tied up in assets directly in the benevolent service of the 99%. In contrast, the murderous record of Socialism on the 99% is indisputable.

The 2-page text of H.RES.422 is presented below for your convenience. It codifies what every American should know about Capitalism. The bill can also be viewed online at the Library of Congress at this link

If you support the bill, please consider contacting your Representative, asking him or her to Co-Sponsor it. Heck, over 100 of them signed on to honor the “Louisville Slugger.” We all love baseball, but it’s time to hit a home run and stop economic child abuse now!

The text of H.RES.422 follows.

112th CONGRESS 1st Session

H. RES. 422

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the superiority of capitalism as an economic model.


Mr. ROHRABACHER submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Financial Services


Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the superiority of capitalism as an economic model.

  • Whereas the practice of the fundamental principles of capitalism has resulted in increased wealth;

  • Whereas the practice of capitalism has simultaneously fostered personal dignity and independence and extensive voluntary cooperation;

  • Whereas the practice of capitalism has resulted in enormous reductions in the costs of goods and services, increased upward economic mobility, increased wages, and increased competition, and thereby the quality of goods;

  • Whereas the practice of capitalism has resulted in wider diffusion of knowledge and education;

  • Whereas the practice of capitalism has resulted in dramatic extensions of life-spans and improvements in the quality of life;

  • Whereas the practice of capitalism has resulted in the spread of democratically accountable forms of government and the rule of law; and

  • Whereas capitalism has historically been and continues to be misunderstood: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives encourages–

(1) increasing public awareness of the principles and achievements of capitalism; (2) the expansion of educational programs that promote capitalism and honest free enterprise; (3) the broadening of access to content that advocates the fundamentals of capitalism; (4) the awareness of the distinction between capitalism and other economic systems; and (5) the promotion of the study and the emulation of the best practices of honest, rule-abiding capitalism.

About the author: Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people that honest profit making is GOOD! He authored the original draft of H.RES.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model, and spent the last two years trying to convince Congress to bring it to the House Floor for a vote. He calls it the “Rohrabacher Rule” in honor of Congressman Rohrabacher whom he admires for having the courage to submit it. Michael lives with his wife and children in Southern California and by day works at the best cloud computing company in the industry. His website is

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