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Gun Control is Child Abuse!

When Americans were slaughtered at Perl Harbor, we didn’t ask for an international ban on bombs and fighter planes. We didn’t reach out to Hitler’s and Emperor Hirohito’s physicians and implore them to up their medications. We called upon the warriors of America to fight back! They responded with enthusiasm with many volunteering for duty. They were trained, they were sufficiently armed and they destroyed the enemy with fierce and unconquerable righteousness.

In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, I’m appalled that Conservatives are not responding with a POWERFUL AND RIGHTEOUS ZEAL for MORE GUNS in the hands of responsible citizens. Conservative calls for weaponry MUST EXCEED the left wing’s clamor for greater gun control. It’s time to fight! It’s time to call for training and arming parents, teachers and anyone who wants to take up the war against anyone who would wrongly use a weapon to hurt a child or any other human being.

The Right is allowing the Left to take the moral high ground and get away with the LUDICROUS proposal to leave Americans defenseless and to continue SETTING UP OUR CHILDREN AS SITTING DUCKS! Most of those children and teachers at Newtown and every other mass shooting we’ve witnessed are dead because no one was around to SHOOT BACK! Gun control is the problem! Gun control is child abuse!

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