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Nigerian Congressman Encourages Youth to Embrace Free Enterprise

This week, 570 Nigerian high school students were encouraged to embrace free enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation by the Hon. Fatai Moruf Akinderu, Honourable Member of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kids4biz is honored to have been selected to partner with the Congressman and the “Foundation for Economic Initiative and Development (FEID)” in helping to teach fundamental ideas of economic freedom and human advancement through its “Johnny Profit”series of books.

It’s exciting to be part of an intellectual movement thats gaining traction among Africa’s youth as they prepare to lead their countries to wealth and prosperity for all.

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. His website is

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