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Warren, Sanders and AOC Plan to "Make America Miserable"

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are in a contest to "Make America Miserable." This is reminiscent of the Carter years when the nation's unemployment rate plus its inflation rate stood at a 12.7%. A decade earlier, these measures defined what came to be known as the "Misery Index."

Both Democratic candidates are expressly targeting wealthy individuals, trying to "out tax-rate increase" each other (see this link) , with Bernie Sanders proclaiming a specific goal of cutting the fortunes of billionaires in half over 15 years. In fact, with the announcement of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' Green New Deal, Democrats nationwide have aligned with Socialism, in a quest for power and control over the lives of every American.

What America should know is that if either one of these candidates succeeds in getting elected President, and actually implementing their plans, Americans will experience a misery index that will make Jimmy Carter's 12.7% look like Disneyland.

In this post, I remind readers that billionaires like Amazon's Jeff Bezos' (today's world richest man) have most of their wealth in company stock. I further explain how this store of wealth is in the service of everyone worldwide. The same can be said of the achievements of most of America's billionaires and millionaires, who are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, or business leaders.

Amazon is a modern wonder of civilization. It is among the highest forms of human achieve. It is an enterprise, which unites product and process innovation, to deliver goods and services, available as commodities to the world at large.

Cutting Jeff Bezos' wealth in half means cutting Amazon's stock price in half. This is a direct assault on Amazon and subsequently, a direct assault on the poor, the middle class and the future of America.

Don't let Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or AOC and company "Make America Miserable."

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