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#Shlog Alert - Good News, Bad News on "Woke"

This is a #shlog" as I call it. i.e. a short blog, which allows me, and anyone else who cares to publish their own #shlog , to get a thought out to the world in a format that's beyond a 280 character Tweet, or whatever the current limit is, but less than "War and Peace." What follows is the world's first #shlog.

The GOOD news is, the woke culture will die when it's intellectually and socially embarrassed by courageous individuals, groups, and BUSINESSES that are not afraid to speak out, proudly and loudly, against woke lunacy.

The BAD news is, woke culture will emerge again and again in some other pseudo intellectual form, with some other name, but with the same, never ending quest, which is to acquire power and rule humanity.

Communism, Socialism, climate change, common core math, income distribution, Democratic Socialism, critical race theory, WOKE...learn to recognize this same evil in its different incarnations, and FIGHT IT RELENTLESSLY, RIGHTEOUSLY, and VALIANTLY every time it surfaces. The facts against this plague, both historical and contemporary, are on your side.

Oh, feel free to #shlog away yourself. Don't let those moments of enlightenment get lost because you feel the need to write a tome each time you're inspired.

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