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On a Night Before Christmas

On a night before Christmas with our country at rest

Our leaders convened to put freedom to test

The health care bill passed the dealmakers won

We’ll remember this day as an ominous one

So how did we get here, what path did we walk

To whom did we listen, to whom did we talk

Here are some thoughts, but they’re just an opinion

Wisdom or folly, it’s your own decision

We humans are good, we love life, we set goals

Original sin is not in our souls

It’s our nature to grow, to value and choose

To make a large footprint, to fill giant shoes

We produce, we build wealth, we relieve worldwide pain

But let others decide what to do with our gain

We build rockets, find power beneath ocean floors

But let others decide if that fits with our mores

We fight for what’s right, we defend every nation

But let others call us the scourge of creation

How can it be, what have we done?

Why are the heroes the ones who must run?

Whenever one fails to defend what is right

Others step in and then they have the might

They take our core values and turn them around

They distort their true meaning and force us way down

And what are those mores that gave them the power?

The ones turned against us in this very strange hour

What are the lessons we’ve learned in our years?

Are they sources of strength or agents of tears?

If money is evil and pride is a sin

Then why not pull health care from air that is thin

If love is for all no matter for what

What does love mean when it’s given for naught?

When our brother is someone whose need takes first place

Why the surprise when he scowls in our face?

When that camel can’t walk through that needle’s thin eye

Will we seek out the rich man and ask him to try?

I know we’ve meant well in what we have taught

But look what has happened, look what we have wrought

Now our values betray us, the good have to wilt

We’re confused sorry victims of undeserved guilt

Will we watch as our freedom and dreams slip away?

Will we watch as our children will slave and will pay?

How can we fix this, what can be done?

Is there time left to save us from Socialists’ gun?

The answer is “YES!”, it’s simple and sound

Let’s climb back atop the moral high ground

Let’s not waver, nor doubt, nor dally , nor tilt

Don’t accept what they say. LET’S GET RID OF OUR GUILT!

The warnings of pride are not meant to decry

The fire that burns within those who can fly

Let love have a price, there’s no other way

Diminish its value and it’s hell we will pay

To be sure help our brothers but demand their respect

Else they’ll bridle our will, else they’ll noose up our neck

They’ll blame us for problems when we’re not the cause

They’ll plot while we work and enslave us with laws

Freedom’s the answer but first we must learn

To cast off the guilt that we never did earn

Those who seek power hide their greatest of dread

That we’ll discover self love and refuse to be led

Those who are free build the wealth without czars

They unlock the secrets and plan trips to stars

They treat others as partners, they have nothing to hide

And everyone’s welcome to join in the ride

So let’s make a pledge in 2010

To believe in ourselves and never again

Let our values be used by those who seek power

For those who love freedom, it’s our finest hour

The End

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