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Congressman Andrews Unwittingly Nails It

Congressman Rob Andrews was a guest on Greta Van Susteren’s show this evening following the President’s latest jobs speech. He made a comment that our government’s decision making process is VERY SLOW. This is more profound than the Congressman knew or intended. If he understood the implications of his statement, he’d join the Tea Party.

Citizens world wide live in economic systems that require billions of PRECISE decisions to be made on a daily basis in real time and in most cases by experts. “Experts” vary depending on the context of the decision being made. Decisions range from CEOs deciding how to best allocate corporate research dollars to parents deciding on how best to allocate the family income. EACH decision requires special planning and is executed in its own context.

It is fundamentally IMPOSSIBLE that the BROAD, SLOWLY DECIDED economic policies invented by lawmakers worldwide (who are not experts in the billions of contexts affected by their policies) can do anything but lead an economy down the path toward destruction. The proof is evident with embarrassing clarity in the world’s economies. If voters come to understand this simple fact, they’ll elect lawmakers dedicated to free enterprise and all will be well again.

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