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Cui Buono?

“Cui Bono?” translated as “Who Benefits?”

I came across this phrase in a movie titled “A More Perfect Union”, which presents an historically accurate reenactment of the Constitutional Convention and its surrounding events.

During an early scene, John Adams argues for free trade between England and the U.S. with his British counterpart. The smug British politician replies, “Cui Bono”, which in a similar context in today’s times would be translated as, “go pound sand, it’s not in our interest and you guys are falling apart, so why should we?” He learns why at the end of the movie when John Adams returns and nearly womps him upside his head with the newly signed U.S. Constitution.

Recently, several copies of “A More Perfect Union”, along with other material, were donated to the Redondo Beach Unified School District (RBUSD) by the South Bay Tea Party to help the District teach Constitutional Concepts on September 17th, as required by law. The ranking members of the RBUSD already had the curriculum well under control, however they enthusiastically accepted, vetted and incorporated some of the material in their programs. They were also genuinely appreciative.

It was in this context that I contacted the Daily Breeze and recommended a story centered around the fact that the RBUSD was doing a wonderful job of spreading U.S. Constitutional concepts to the children of the school district.

The reporter chose to write this article.

I was saddened by his choice, but it may surprise you to know my concern was for him. He missed a wonderful opportunity to write a unifying, interesting and uplifting story. One of the RBUSD directors said that even though she was a Liberal Democrat, she was enthusiastic to work with the Tea Party to spread sound ideas, particularly those of the Constitution.

In addition, had the reporter watched just 15 minutes of the movie, he’d have learned an amazing historical fact. Had George Washington not attended the Convention, which he was stubbornly reluctant to attend, the United States would probably have been TOAST! No Google, no iPads, no “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

This was just one of the many epiphanies that could have been introduced to the community at large by a reporter with a positive sense of life and a pen that dances instead of bites. Unfortunately, the reporter chose to inject controversy to which I ask, “Cui Bono?”

The upside is, the children of the RBUSD, along with countless other kids in schools across the country, are learning Constitutional concepts thanks to dedicated school districts and patriotic citizens groups. To this I say, “we all benefit”.

Please visit Kids4biz where “Capitalism is Cool and Fiction Teaches Fact”.

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