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Capitalism! Here Come the Good Guys!

Attempts to blame Capitalism for global economic disintegration in the face of massive debt and burdensome regulations by governments the world over has transcended injustice. Reality has rendered the assault intellectually untenable.

Things may change, however, by the vision and courage of Congressman Rohrabacher. On October 5th he submitted Congressional Resolution H.RES.422.IH

“Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the superiority of capitalism as an economic model.”

The strength of this resolution is not just in the list of facts, which it contains. It also lies in the unshakable conclusion one should make after reading it, which is that capitalism is the most MORAL economic model that civilization has ever known.

Humans, by their nature, are GOOD! They’re motivated by being good in the deepest moral sense of the word. They want to do what’s right for themselves and for others. In modern times, humans practice and achieve goodness through a productive and sustainable economy.

It should therefore come as no surprise that our economic frustrations can be tied to the last clause in the list of the resolution’s “senses”:

“Whereas capitalism has historically been and continues to be misunderstood:”

Public awareness of capitalism will provide the conceptual and moral foundation by which those who support capitalism can do so with righteous conviction.

Awareness will also help convince others who don’t support capitalism, due to their misconceptions, to reevaluate it as an economic model. They’ll discover that if they advocate individual freedom and the honest production of wealth, capitalism DOES indeed support their economic goals and moral foundations.

When awareness becomes widespread, free individuals who support the tenets of capitalism will RAPIDLY restore and preserve our country’s greatness and the world will be a better place.

Whether Republican or Democrat, please contact your local Congressional representative and ask that he or she consider co-sponsoring the resolution with Congressman Rohrabacher.

Click this link to contact ANY Representative to encourage him or her to Co-Sponsor the bill.

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