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Hannity Drops the Ball With Springer on Capitalism!

When it comes to blowing past Liberals, Sean Hannity is first string. However, every now and then a star player turns in a stinker and recently Sean Hannity dropped the 5 yard end zone lob not once but THREE TIMES!

In the span of about 10 minutes Sean let Jerry Springer get away with the outrageous statement, to his multi-million member audience, that Capitalism could never achieve full employment because a Capitalist only wants to reduce employment and make profit. Not only were Sean’s responses anemic but on the last time he actually said, “I get it!”

Without even going into a theoretical retort to Springer’s lunacy, all Sean had to do was let reality speak for him. The countries and states, which historically practice the greatest degree of free market Capitalism kick the ever lovin’ economic **** out of those that practice Keynesianism and Socialism. If Sean also took into account a country’s level of freedom for its citizens and its record of human rights they would have carried Jerry out on a stretcher.

High profits, in a free market attract investment capital, spawn innovation and the net effect is to CREATE JOBS, while inevitably lowering prices and improving quality in any industry under consideration. Sean would only have to point to endless number of Internet companies popping up every day or to any of the great companies that built America during our industrial age to back up this theory with reality. What would Spring point to? Cuba?

Sean, I love ya man! I know you’ll get ‘em next time.

Oh, and by the way, if you really want to help promote the superiority of Capitalism, please take a look at Congressman Rohrabacher’s courageous and visionary bill, H.RES.422 which does just that. It’s in the official Congressional record and could use your help in encouraging Co-Sponsors to join Congressman Rohrabacher so the bill will be brought to the House floor for a vote. Let’s see which Representatives are willing to help create a long term program of positive awareness of Capitalism in our country and worldwide.

Click this link to contact ANY Representative to encourage him or her to Co-Sponsor the bill.

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