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What's Obama's Game?

The president’s recent attack on the Supreme Court begs the question, “what’s his game?” There are those that can accurately judge a individual’s motives based on their license plate. I have no such powers and not knowing the president on a personal level can only speculate on his intentions. What are possible reasons for this action:

  1. The president does not know Constitutional law, or understand the basic structure of government

  2. The president is trying to intimidate Supreme Court Justices into making a favorable decision on Obamacare The president is in full community organizing mode, hoping to ignite hostility towards the Supreme Court for his re-election

While this is not an exhaustive list, I’m inclined to believe it’s option three, which sadly is the most depressing and insidious of the choices. The president is fully aware that the Supreme Court is fulfilling its proper role, yet he chooses to cast aspersions on arguably mankind’s greatest political achievement, the Constitution, rather then defend his position on its merits.

As the election draws near, the president will continue to demonstrate his desperation and lack of leadership. His only recourse is to turn to his competence as a community organizer. A role, which in this case he’s attempting to organize Americans to fight for their own destruction by adopting his Socialist agenda. Let’s hope Americans are wise enough not to play Obama’s game.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to teach your children about honest business and free enterprise, please read (short 2 pages) Congressman Rohrabacher’s courageous and visionary bill, H.RES.422 .

If you agree with the bill, click this link to contact ANY Representative to encourage him or her to join as a Co-Sponsor.

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