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The "Rohrabacher Rule" - Persuasion not Coercion

Americans have a unique opportunity to compare, side by side, two opposing visions for our country,“The Buffet Rule,” versus the “Rohrabacher Rule.”

On one side is the “tax the rich, class warfare” coercive vision of President Obama. This strategy is represented by Senate Bill S.2059, and Obama’s aggressive promotions for it, otherwise know as “The Buffett Rule.” Click this link and determine if you UNDERSTAND and support the Obama vision.

On the other side is the vision of economic freedom, personal dignity and voluntary cooperation as expressed in Congressman Rohrabacher’s “Superiority of Capitalism” bill, H.RES.422. “The Rohrabacher Rule,” can be accessed through this link.

Please take a few minutes to make an honest comparison of the two bills for clarity of purpose and degree of inspiration. Which bill do you understand? Which bill inspires you?

In November Americans will decide between the coercion of the “Buffett Rule” and the vision of freedom and innovation of the “Rohrabacher Rule.”

SIDE NOTE: If you agree with the Rohrabacher bill, please click this link to contact ANY Representative to encourage him or her to join as a Co-Sponsor.

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