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Are You a "Julia?"

On a recent Sean Hannity show, Kirsten Powers, using the tactic of personal demonization from the Saul Alinsky playbook, accused Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson of misogyny. For those of you who don’t know, Reverend Peterson runs an organization named BOND, whose mission statement “…stresses the importance of self-reliance, honesty, and helping others through patience.” Note the emphasis on self reliance and lack of emphasis on government funding to reach these noble goals.

Ironically, the somewhat heated exchange between Powers and Peterson occurred in the midst of the Obama campaign’s “The Life of Julia” launch. I won’t lower myself to the methods of a community organizer and call the campaign misogynistic, however I will suggest that any leader who sets the bar for a woman’s life as low as what’s been set for Julia is delivering a powerful blow to the self esteem of women worldwide. To suggest that women must rely on the government throughout their entire lives for education, health care, child care, business ventures and retirement is condescending at best.

What’s even more unconscionable about this campaign is the incessant claims that Romney’s plan to return to free enterprise Capitalism, a system built on freedom of choice and boundless opportunity, is deleterious to women. One only has to look at the condition of the European welfare states, and the behavior of those in the “Occupy” movement to find substantial, real world evidence that Socialism will be as bad for Julia as it is for Europeans and Occupiers .

Speaking of irony, one can’t ignore the fact that all of Julia’s benefits come at the expense of the hated 1%, who typically DON’T have to rely on Obama’s handouts and who have the courage and will to face life’s challenges with dignity.

The Reverend Peterson uses the power of persuasion to uplift women. Obama is using the power of the state to force women to a life of the second-hander.

The unavoidable end-game for Julia is a chronic state of bitterness towards and dependence on those that produce the handouts, which she’s been indoctrinated to think she can’t get on her own.

A key question for women for the next election is, “Are you a Julia?”

Side Note: Congressman Rohrabacher (CA 46) had the vision and courage to submit Congressional Resolution H.RES.422 regarding the “Superiority of Capitalism as an economic model.” Capitalism, by definition a system of voluntary mutually beneficial exchange, is a system characterized by the absence of force and the pervasiveness of persuasion. “The Rohrabacher Rule” can be read at this link. If you support the ideas presented in this bill, please click this link to email ANY Representative, asking them to join Congressman Rohrabacher by Co-Sponsoring this resolution.

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