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It’s Now Up To The American People

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, a radio talk show host said that it’s now up to the American people to fight for the Constitution. He meant that they need to vote in representatives that believe in its principles. It’s clear that freedom is preserved by individuals who claim it as their highest value and know how to defend it. Without individual freedom, protecting other values is highly improbable.

Defending freedom requires much more than saying, “I want to be free” or “I love freedom.” If individuals don’t understand the philosophical and political foundations of freedom, they won’t be able to properly vet and elect politicians who will take it away when it’s too late to stop them. This is how we got Obamacare.

There is no body of knowledge that captures the philosophical, political and economic principles fundamental to promoting and preserving freedom better than Capitalism. Americans can take a huge step in creating awareness of these principles by asking Congress to vote on Congressional Resolution H.RES.422, the “Superiority of Capitalism as an economic model” bill, a.k.a. the “Rohrabacher Rule.”

Side Note: Congressman Rohrabacher (CA 46) had the vision and courage to submit Congressional Resolution H.RES.422 regarding the “Superiority of Capitalism as an economic model.” Capitalism, by definition a system of voluntary mutually beneficial exchange, is a system characterized by the absence of force and the pervasiveness of persuasion. “The Rohrabacher Rule” can be read at this link. If you support the ideas presented in this bill, please click this link to email ANY Representative, asking them to join Congressman Rohrabacher by Co-Sponsoring this resolution.

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