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Fight the ObamaTax With These Rules for Defeating Radicals

As the ObamaTax leads us further down the road towards Socialism, hard working, freedom loving INDIVIDUALS the world over ought to consider these RULES FOR DEFEATING RADICALS.

1. Individual freedom is the standard by which all rules are judged. Live for it. 2. NEVER accept unearned guilt. 3. Capitalism is the unsung hero. Defend it righteously. 4. Socialism is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Oppose it vigorously. 5. Money and Pride, earned honestly, are good. Allow no one to convince you otherwise. 6. Charity, if voluntary, is good. Embrace it…voluntarily. 7. Beware the Globalists. Never compromise your values. 8. “Don’t accept the narrative, speak truth to power, have fun doing it.” – Andrew Breitbart 9. Sustainability is often a code word for stagnation. Reject it for progress. 10. “If you make a small footprint no one will ever try to fill your shoes.” – Mother Nature

Side Note: Congressman Rohrabacher (CA 46) had the vision and courage to submit Congressional Resolution H.RES.422 regarding the “Superiority of Capitalism as an economic model.” Capitalism, by definition a system of voluntary mutually beneficial exchange, is a system characterized by the absence of force and the pervasiveness of persuasion. “The Rohrabacher Rule” can be read at this link. If you support the ideas presented in this bill, please click this link to email ANY Representative, asking them to join Congressman Rohrabacher by Co-Sponsoring this resolution.

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