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George Washington & Justice Roberts

Last fall, during Constitution week, I had the opportunity to work with our local school district in creating awareness of the U.S. Constitution. Ironically, Constitution day is September 17th, the same day the anti-Constitution movement began, a.k.a., “Occupy Whatever.”

As part of the awareness program, schools were given a feature length movie titled, “A More Perfect Union.” It was a reenactment of the Constitutional Convention, where the Founding Fathers engaged in dramatic and often intense discussions, debates and heated arguments, which produced one of the finest documents in history.

During an early scene in the movie, an item of interest was presented rather innocuously, which later struck me as profoundly significant. It seemed that it wasn’t certain if George Washington’s would attend the convention. It was widely believed that Washington’s participation, or lack thereof, might make the difference between success or failure at the Convention. Think about this for a moment. If one man, in this case George Washington, decided for whatever reason NOT to attend a MEETING…it is arguable and quite possible that the greatest country the world has ever known might not exist today. The lives of everyone on earth would be substantially different and for the worse.

Fast forward to June 28th, 2012, when millions of people, mostly in the U.S. but many worldwide, awaited the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Some thought Justice Anthony Kennedy would be the one to cast the deciding, historical vote. In the end, it was Chief Justice John Roberts who, as many believe, switched his vote in the final hours forcing the High Court to uphold most of the law, including its most controversial provision, the health insurance mandate. The scuttlebutt is he caved to media pressure. The reason as to WHY Justice Roberts voted to uphold Obamacare is important and will soon be revealed. What’s MORE important is that he was 1 yard from the end zone with no time left on the clock and his four biggest intellectual blockers(Scalia, Thomas, Alito & Kennedy) were leading him towards a Constitutionally valid winning score for freedom. At this fateful moment in history, unlike George Washington, he abandoned the quest for freedom. He turned, sprinted and crossed the opponent’s goal line.

Justice Roberts is not a coward and he’s obviously not stupid. There is only one correct explanation for his vote and that is that he WANTS socialized medicine. This was judicial activism and while his decision is not as critical as George Washington’s, it’s one that if not corrected by the November elections, will impact our freedom in the U.S. for many years to come.

Side Note: As of this post it’s day 277 and not a single Congressperson has stepped up to support the Capitalism bill. Congressman Rohrabacher (CA 46) had the vision and courage to submit Congressional Resolution H.RES.422 regarding the “Superiority of Capitalism as an economic model.” Capitalism, by definition a system of voluntary mutually beneficial exchange, is a system characterized by the absence of force and the pervasiveness of persuasion. “The Rohrabacher Rule” can be read at this link. If you support the ideas presented in this bill, please click this link to email ANY Representative, asking them to join Congressman Rohrabacher by Co-Sponsoring this resolution.

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