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Conservatives GAVE the Election to Obama!

Conservatives gave the election to Obama! The facts are in. The math is indisputable and it’s simple. Here it is in bullet form so the logic can be easily followed:

  • 119 million people voted in the 2012 election Obama received 61.2 million votes and Romney receive 58.1 million votes, a 3.1 million vote win for Obama Nineteen percent (19%) was from the youth vote (ages 18-29), representing 22.6 million votes Obama received 60% of these votes or 13.6 million votes Romney received 36% of these votes or 8.1 million votes

This means Obama had 5.5 million more YOUTH votes than Romney

Another commonly agreed fact is that Conservatives have more children than Liberals, however let’s play it conservatively (which ironically means to stack the deck in favor of Liberals) and assume Conservatives and Liberals have the same amount of kids at 50% each.

If Conservatives where doing their jobs and translating the core Conservative principles they teach their kids into proper political action, Romney and Obama should have split the youth vote. This would have given Romney 11.3 million instead of 8.1 million youth votes. Subsequently, Obama would have also received 11.3 million instead of 13.6 million youth votes.

This represents a change of 3.2 Million MORE for Romney and 2.3 million LESS for Obama or a 5.5 million vote swing. The result would have meant that instead of Obama winning by 3.1 million votes, Romney would have won the election by EASILY 2.4 million votes! Imagine how much he would have won if core Conservative principles were effectively communicated to society at large.

Conservatives do a wonderful job of instilling a culture of high moral values and a solid work ethic in their children. These values and ethics include honesty, integrity and respect for race, religion, age, gender and above all freedom for all. Where Conservatives have failed MISERABLY, is translating these values and ethics into proper political thinking and action by their children! It’s astounding, flabbergasting, depressing and OUTRAGEOUS when one thinks about what the analysis above represent. They tell a story not of Obama’s prowess as a thinker or leader but of a hard working well meaning group of dedicated achievers (Conservatives) who dropped the ball. A group, who by their negligence, are turning over the greatest nation on God’s green earth to an incompetent wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s a sad, sorry, horrific tale, where the bad guys are using the children of the good guys to bring down all that is good.

WAKE UP CONSERVATIVES! The 2014 election is right around the corner with 2016 soon to follow. Talk to your kids. Save them! Save the country!

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. His website is

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