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Obama Transforms the U.S.A. as the GOP Flounders

While the GOP flounders with unity, the President makes no secret about his goal to “fundamentally transform the United States of America!” Any honest observer of Barack Obama knows this transformation ends in Socialism. If the Republican Party wants to save America, it must embark on a bold and proud crusade for Capitalism.

The unifying weapon in that battle is House Resolution 422, a bill “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model.” It states that the practice of the fundamental principles of Capitalism has

• resulted in increased wealth • fostered personal dignity and independence and extensive voluntary cooperation • resulted in enormous reductions in the costs of goods and services • increased upward economic mobility, increased wages • increased competition, and thereby the quality of goods • resulted in wider diffusion of knowledge and education • resulted in dramatic extensions of life-spans and improvements in the quality of life • resulted in the spread of democratically accountable forms of government • resulting in the rule of law • historically been and continues to be misunderstood

The bill concludes by resolving to encourage

• increased public awareness of the principles and achievements of Capitalism; • the expansion of educational programs that promote Capitalism and honest free enterprise; • the broadening of access to content that advocates the fundamentals of Capitalism; • the awareness of the distinction between Capitalism and other economic systems; and • the promotion of the study and the emulation of the best practices of honest, rule-abiding Capitalism

Following is the story behind the resolution.

In late 2010, it was obvious that the next Presidential election would be a battle between Capitalism versus Socialism. In this context, the Republican Party was not as ideologically unified as the Democrats. I wrote the first draft of what was to become H.RES.422 and faxed it to Congressman Rohrabacher. Expecting a rapid response was naive, but fate intervened. My wife Lisa helped me post this message shortly after surgery:

Another attempt was made six days later, to which the Congressman responded.

To make a long story short, after an initial visit to his office in February of 2011, the Congressman was pursued, some might say stalked, at every campaign event offering an opportunity to snatch a few minutes of his time. Finally, in late summer, the feisty legislator said, “Look, if you can get three CEOs to write me with their support for this bill, I’ll submit it.” When you get the answer you want it’s time to wrap up and walk away. “It’s a deal!” I said, eagerly extending my hand, which the Congressman shook with a wry grin.

Within a month, FOUR well known CEOs were convinced, without any stalking, to send the requested emails. True to his word and as testimony to his courage, the Congressman submitted the bill on October 5th of 2011, three weeks after the Socialist based “Occupy” movement was launched. The stage was set for the predicted showdown between Capitalism and Socialism for the 2012 campaign.

History will record that the showdown took place, but as the saying goes, “you don’t take a knife to a gunfight!”The Republicans were grossly under armed. H.RES.422 was referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. Although every member of Congress has been contacted at least three times, the bill still sits with ZERO Co-Sponsors in support of its ideals. It’s worthwhile noting that in 2009, 102 Representatives Co-Sponsored a bill honoring the Louisville Slugger, a baseball bat.

Without a solid foundation of principles around which to rally Conservatives, the GOP was slapped silly by every trashy, fabricated piece of Leftism ranging from class warfare to an assault on contraceptively challenged women. Instead of a second Reagan Revolution, we have Obamacare, 8% unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, threats to our second amendment rights, millions more Americans on entitlements, threats to our energy industry and a national debt approaching 17 trillion dollars. This is a short list of erosions brought upon our nation by the President’s transformational plan and the GOP’s feeble response.

Throughout this journey, many said that passing H.RES.422 would’ve been meaningless. The response is, “If the President was able to use the bully pulpit and spew Socialist propaganda during his entire campaign, then the GOP could have proudly trumpeted Capitalism from the House Floor and throughout the country with equal vigor. Republicans lost the election to a failed President with a demonstrably flawed ideology because they were unable to articulate their demonstrably superior one. “

With Capitalism as triumphant in reality as Socialism is failed, it’s astounding that Conservatives perpetually permit the Left to assume the moral high ground and control the narrative on every issue. Socialists have been determined to destroy America since “Progressivism” began many years ago. However, the movement, which cannot succeed on its merits, and is responsible for millions of deaths in every country in which it is tried, is winning NOT just by distorting the values of Capitalism. It’s winning because the GOOD GUYS ARE NOT FIGHTING BACK!

The GOP needs an unshakable platform of righteousness atop which they must make Americans aware that Capitalism is superior to Socialism. It’s time to take the moral high ground and control the narrative. It’s time to bring H.RES.422 to the House Floor for a vote and stop Obama’s plan to transform the United States of America into a Socialist nation.

If you would like more information on H.RES.422 and how you can help bring it to the House Floor for a vote, please visit this link

Michael Malgeri is the author of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teach young people about the morality of Capitalism. He thanks his family, friends and his unicycle for saving his life in a story at this link Michael also wrote the original draft of H.RES.422. His website is

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