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Obama Demonizes Opponents to Camouflage His Failures

As our nation approaches the mid-term elections, Americans are witnessing the Left, led by Obama, ramping up to demonize Republicans and Conservatives rather than engage in rational debate. The playbook from which Obama and team run their strategy, as always, is Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals.” Rule number 12 states explicitly, for all cowards to practice:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

It’s not difficult for an astute citizen to understand why our President, with goosestepping complicity by the main stream media, is following this plan. Here’s why:

  • Obamacare has done the exact opposite of what was said it would do. Health care costs are rising and will continue to rise. The quality of health care for all Americans is falling. More Americans are and will be uninsured than were before the law was passed

  • The President was caught in what most believe was an intentional lie to sell a flawed health care plan to Americans in order to orchestrate what has turned out to be a government takeover of the entire health care industry

  • Well into the 6th year of his administration, the unemployment rate hovers just under 7%, having been over 7% for more than 4 years into Obama’s administration. Anyone who considers the number of workers who have left the job force realize the unemployment figure is much higher

  • America’s power and standing has diminished throughout the world, due directly to the President’s failed foreign policy of appeasement

  • The Administration has not helped Congress and the American people learn the truth on the Benghazi deaths, the IRS targeting of the President’s political opposition, the Fast-and-Furious incident and the NSA spying incident

  • Our national debt has increased by more than 7 trillion dollars in less than 6 years

  • The President continues to hamper our energy industry, further hurting our economy and causing greater vulnerability to our enemies

  • The President continues to patronize young people as being FOR them, while burdening them with massive debt and a stifled economy

Given this non-exhaustive list of failures, Obama and team cannot run on a record of incompetence and deceit. Any public evaluation and debate over the facts would clearly demonstrate that America must change course as soon as possible.

What our country will be treated to, however, is a cowardly escalation of LIES and demonizations of Republicans, carefully crafted to divide Americans. Obama and the Left have nothing else to run on. This is what we’ll witness:

  • The Republicans are in a War on Women. We’ve already seen the Left present a gross misrepresentations of data claiming that women are underpaid compared to men for the same job?

  • The Republicans are in a War against the workers. We’ve already seen calls for raising the minimum wage to an amount that most studies agree will hurt not only the economy at large but unskilled workers in lower wage brackets

  • The Republicans are in a War against immigrants. Republicans will be labeled anti-immigration

  • The Republicans are in a War against same-sex couples. Republicans will be labeled homo-phobic

  • And the grand-daddy of all demonizations, the Race card! Both Obama and Eric Holder are leading the charge on this issue in a disgraceful display of lies to camouflage incompetence

The Democrats and the Left are groups that have run out of ideas and have resorted to the vilest form of social interaction and public discourse.

Republicans and Conservatives must not JUST defend. They MUST turn the accusations around and point them with accurate and passionate TRUTH, directly at the Democrats, the Left and their policies. When discussing Democrats and the Left it must be made clear that:

  • Democrats and the Left are engaged in a War on Women

  • Democrats and the Left are waging a War on Workers

  • Democrats and the Left are destroying our health care system

  • Democrat and Leftist energy policies are hurting our economy and making us more vulnerable to our enemies

  • Democrat and Leftist economic policies are killing innovation and job creation

  • Democrat and Leftist policies hurt minorities and prove THEY are the racists!

The facts support this strategy. Republicans and Conservatives are not lying when making these accusations like the Democrats are. They will only be speaking the truth and if they speak loudly enough, good Americans will listen, agree and vote!

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. His website is

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