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Uniting the GOP for Victory!

“When you don’t have a good philosophy, you eventually become a slave to a bad one.”

Five years ago, uncomfortably LARGE groups of people united around the Socialist driven Occupy Movement. Some defecated on police cars, while others desecrated the American flag. It resulted in a Socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders, having a very real chance of becoming the President of the United States. It resulted in a substantial chunk of our young people chanting “feel the Bern!” in support of Socialism as they tapped out anti-Capitalist messages on their Capitalist provided iPhones. It may very well result in the election of Hillary Clinton, a politician who is unofficially, yet demonstrably dedicated to Socialism.

At precisely the same time, five years ago and in anticipation of Obama’s transformative influence, a counter grassroots movement was launched. A citizen convinced the courageous and visionary Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California to submit the “Capitalism Awareness Resolution.” Its principles are summarized as follows:

  • The practice of the fundamental principles of capitalism has resulted in increased wealth;

  • The practice of capitalism has simultaneously fostered personal dignity and independence and extensive voluntary cooperation;

  • The practice of capitalism has resulted in enormous reductions in the costs of goods and services, increased upward economic mobility, increased wages, and increased competition, and thereby the quality of goods;

  • The practice of capitalism has resulted in wider diffusion of knowledge and education;

  • The practice of capitalism has resulted in dramatic extensions of life-spans and improvements in the quality of life;

  • The practice of capitalism has resulted in the spread of democratically accountable forms of government and the rule of law; and

  • Capitalism has historically been and continues to be misunderstood.

With these ideas in mind, this is a sincere and respectful clarion call to all Trump, Cruz, #NeverTrump supporters and all similar freedom loving, Constitutionally driven Americans, to consider this strategy to save America:

  • Commit to unite in an effort to convince Donald Trump to adopt the ideas outlined in the Capitalism Awareness Resolution as a core part of a united GOP platform.

  • Contact the Donald Trump campaign at this link, or any way you know how and offer your support in exchange for the Trump campaign adopting the principles outlined above. Send Mr. Trump the list or forward him this link

  • Call for Congressman Rohrabacher to resurrect the Capitalism Awareness Resolution by contacting the Congressman’s Legislative Director, Mr. Jeff Vanderslice at this link ( ) or call his office at (202) 225-2415

  • Contact your local Congressperson, and other lawmakers, particularly their legislative directors, via email and phone, to ensure that the resolution is brought to the House Floor for a vote by “Sponsoring” the resolution. EVERY Congressperson should be asked step forth and stand for or against Capitalism. Use this link to find your local Representative or any Representative.

  • Contact any local news, radio or TV outlet and inform them of this movement with this link

  • Consider forwarding this post to your friends and followers in social media with this link

  • Tweet this post with hashtag #UniteTheGOP and this link

Capitalism and our Constitution offer the rock solid theoretical and moral foundation on which America became the greatest nation civilization has ever known. These ideas are supported by a historical and contemporary record of unprecedented achievement. Conversely, Socialism, Progressivism and other forms of Leftist ideology rest on theoretical and moral corruption. Their record of human slaughter and economic ruin is well documented by historical and contemporary facts.

We MUST aggressively promote and engage in this side-by-side comparison of Capitalism versus Socialism, of our Constitution versus Leftist ideology.

Let’s convince Mr. Trump and the GOP that Capitalism and the Constitution represent the ideas for which they should fight.

A Congressional Resolution, even if not binding, is a symbolic vehicle, a line in the sand, a statement of CONVICTION around which the GOP can rally.

If lawmakers and social media start talking about this, talk radio and news outlets will pick it up and this could influence Mr. Trump.

The “Capitalism Awareness Resolution” is a righteous manifesto that is far superior to defecating on police cars and desecrating the American Flag.

The proposed plan is real and viable.

TRUTH is on our side!

The choice is yours and ours.

Please consider joining the team to save America!


Michael Malgeri teaches young people about Capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. He’s also involved in projects that spread Capitalist ideas to the young people of Africa.

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