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Why Trump Won

Progressives will continue to make false accusations about Trump voters. They’ll pull from their Saul Alinski inspired catalogue of personal demonizations and call Trump voters stupid, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, planet killing, misogynistic and oppressors of the poor, youth and elderly . They’ll persist in self-anointing on a moral high ground they have no justification occupying.

But facts speak for themselves and this list represents why Americans chose Donald Trump to be our next President.

  • Americans want a President that is proud of our history and inspires us with a vision of greatness for our country

  • Americans do not want a President who unjustly apologizes for our country’s greatness

  • Americans know that the Obama economy grew at a paltry 1.55 % over his two terms, which is about 1/2 what is needed for a healthy U.S. economy

  • Americans know the unemployment figures are deceptively lowered by large amounts of workers who have left the workforce and rely on government subsidies

  • Americans understand excessive government regulations stifle economic growth, which hurts everyone

  • Americans understand a $15 minimum wage is an income distribution scheme that hurts small business, minorities and young people

  • Americans know that adding nearly 10 trillion dollars to the national debt puts an unhealthy burden on our future and an unjust burden on our children

  • Americans didn’t want a government run health care system

  • Americans didn’t appreciate being lied to by their President about a government run health care system they didn’t want

  • Americans want immigrants to come to the U.S. legally

  • Americans don’t appreciate government officials who disobey our laws by running sanctuary cities

  • Americans want to preserve and protect their 2nd Amendment rights

  • Americans believe climate change is driven by politics not science

  • Americans believe climate change is a mechanism for government control over the economy and is a full frontal attack on free enterprise

  • Americans want free and fair trade

  • Americans want the U.S. to be energy independent and support drilling for oil, natural gas and the mining of clean coal

  • Americans understand that Socialism kills and don’t support the goals of the Occupy movement to drive our nation down that path

  • Americans don’t believe the U.S. is a racist nation

  • Americans believe the U.S. deserves commendation for abolishing slavery in less than 80 years from signing of the Constitution

  • Americans are not happy with the rise in terrorism and Obama’s foreign policy, which they believe contributed to it

  • Americans don’t want Iran to have a nuclear weapon

  • Americans didn’t want to elect a President who was extremely careless with our nation’s security

  • Americans didn’t want to elect a President whom they suspected ran a charitable foundation as a “pay for political access” machine that funded her political aspirations

  • Americans didn’t want to elect a President who professed to be a champion of women and homosexuals, but who took donations from countries that openly persecuted and oppressed them

  • Americans didn’t want to elect a President whose campaign consisted mostly of attacks against her opponent

  • Americans are fed up with political correctness and do not want to be coddled and ruled by a small group of elite politicians who do not follow the same rules as the citizens they represent

When Conservatives trumpet facts as loudly as Progressives trumpet lies, America will be permanently saved and permanently great!

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about Capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. He’s also involved in projects that spread Capitalist ideas to the young people of Africa. Please visit his website at

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