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#FrankenPoints and #SemenStains

Everyone should be aware that the Democrats have a new set of talking points.

We can call them #FrankenPoints

As background, let’s recap the state of the Democratic party. After decades of failed policies (economic, energy, health care, defense, fiscal, immigration, national security and foreign), they turned to famed community organizer Saul Alinski and the Leftist bible he wrote, “Rules for Radicals.”

Alinski’s book was dedicated to Lucifer and laid the groundwork for today’s politics of personal destruction. True to form for Alinski followers, Progressives have attempted to demonize anyone who disagrees with them as greedy, sexists, racists, homophobic fascists.

Isn’t it ironic that an ideology that labels itself “Progressive” is hell bent on lies, while destroying America’s energy industry, trampling free speech, killing unborn babies, dividing Americans and implementing Socialism. As such, backwards is the only direction possible for those who follow Democrats’ ideology, with misery at the end of the trail.

In the wake of their failures, Democrats are self-anointing on the moral high ground just because Senator Al Franken says he’s resigning for…well, you know what he’s resigning for. CAN YOU IMAGINE, Democrats taking the moral high while they will forever wear Monica Lewinski’s semen stained dress and all it implies!!??

Along with this outrageous hypocrisy and their legacy of failures, Democrats have ignored the likes of Franken for years (the Kennedys, Clinton, Edwards, Spitzer, Conyers, Weiner…on and on).

Conservatives should NOT BACK DOWN and yield virtue to Leftists, who have nothing to offer but divisiveness and anti-Americanism.

Morality is on our side.

Stay vocal with the truth!

Beware of #FrankenPoints and don’t ever let them forget the #SemenStains

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about Capitalism. He authored H.R.422, a Congressional Resolution that creates awareness of the superiority of Capitalism as an economic model. He’s also involved in projects that spread Capitalist ideas to the young people of Africa. Please visit his website at

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