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How New York Helped Save America

Let’s begin with a couple of ancillary facts before diving into the main thesis. It is not the intention to compare New York or New Yorkers to other states, or regions of the U.S., and to their respective citizens. Nor is it the intent to degrade anything not “New York.” Quite the contrary, every state and region in our great country, is inhabited by individuals and groups that make America the greatest country civilization has ever known. The focus herein is on New York.

Also, while New York State is home to over 19 million residents, this is about the eight or so million that live in New York City. The exclusion of nearly 11 million residents, is not with disrespect. It’s merely a distinction, which will become clear.

Moving on, it’s legitimate to ask, “When and why was America recently saved?” The direct response is, "America was saved when President Trump was elected." It was saved because had Secretary Clinton prevailed, America would have continued another four to eight years (possibly even longer) of the “fundamental transformation,” launched by President Obama. Much has been written about the impact of the Obama Presidency on national and global issues. Here, we’ll present a general assessment.

Economics – President Obama, his administration, and his supporters in Congress were firm believers in massive government intervention in the economy. It’s not a stretch to say, many of them were avowed Socialists. The President himself supported the notion of widespread government control. His signature legislative accomplishment was Obamacare, an essential takeover of America’s healthcare industry. His tax increases, and his expansion of the government’s regulatory footprint, set the stage for even more economic control. Contrary to the American spirit of growth and innovation, he perpetuated a "President Carter era malaise," with his claim that sub 2% GDP growth was the "new norm." Add to this the $9T-10T in national debt accumulated during his years, and it’s not hard to conclude that President Obama’s impact on American economics was indeed a negative direction.

Energy – Prior to President Trump, and the fracking revolution brought forth by our amazing, and often maligned, oil companies, it was never believed that America could become energy independent. President Obama and team perpetuated and exacerbated this notion, with the war on coal, the war on pipelines, and excessive environmental regulations. The willingness to relinquish a chunk of America’s sovereignty to a global authority, through the Paris Climate Agreement, was another red flag hoisted by the Obama administration that waved against the best interests of our country.

Foreign Policy – The Iran nuclear deal paved a path for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. Syria incurred no consequences for boldly crossing a red line drawn by President Obama. Also, whatever President Obama meant when he said on a hot mic to Russian President Medvedev, “after my election I have more flexibility,” should be cause for concern.

Race relations – Identity politics in America skyrocketed since Obama’s election, during his years, and beyond. Most thought it would be the opposite, given that Americans of all races, mostly whites, elected him.

War on Women – Many may remember “The Life of Julia,” a fictional story of a woman in America who relies on government assistance throughout her ENTIRE life. This was just one example of how the Obama administration created a view of women as societal dependents, incapable of making it on their own. It was an explicit, condescending opinion that demeaned women. It ranks right up there with the Progressive notion that transgender athletes, competing in female sporting events, is fair, and doesn’t hurt women.

Immigration – One of the few strategies remaining for Leftists to reclaim power, is to let foreigners, illegally or otherwise, into our country, and obtain their votes through government handouts. Another strategy, which has been going on since the government inserted itself into education, is to bamboozle our youth into believing America is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, earth killing nation, rather than the greatest nation that has ever existed.

“OK, got it. Get to the point. How did New York save America?

The above is a short list. However, it was necessary to itemize the dangers of the Obama Presidency, in order to demonstrate that the American way of life was in grave danger. Had these Progressive policies been allowed to continue under a President Clinton, and perhaps longer, it’s not outrageous to assume that America, as we know it, would cease to exist in the not too distant future. The transformation of America, that was happening under President Obama, was a far greater threat to the world than Climate Change, and it needed to be STOPPED!

Did New York stop it? Well, actually, no. In fact, residents of the state of New York chose Hillary Clinton over 59% to Donald Trump’s 36%, a decisive margin of victory in that state.

It was Donald Trump who stopped the Progressive transformation in its tracks! It was Donald Trump that saved America. But who is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump was raised in a functional, nurturing family, and while his own marriages encountered personal challenges, he's currently happily married, and he’s raised what appear to be five remarkable children. It’s also apparent that in over 50 years he’s had, on balance, a VERY successful business career, spanning a number of industries. He's operated in New York environments (politics, unions, media, mafia, business competitors, etc.) that arguably make Washington politics look tame. What’s more, the scope of Donald Trump’s business triumphs extends far beyond New York, into the worldwide arena.

With this background, let’s finally explore the central claim, that New York helped save America. It’s a fact that President Trump is a New Yorker, from New York City. As mentioned, it’s necessary to make this distinction, with no disrespect to those living elsewhere in the state. The culture, lifestyles, attitudes and personalities in these outer areas are by and large different from those in the city proper.

With that said, the claim is that a significant portion of President Trump’s personality, style, motivation, and skillset is influenced by all that is implied in being a New Yorker.

What does it mean to be a New Yorker? Some might say a New Yorker is rude, brusque, know-it-all, and cocky. These assessments could come from chance encounters with New Yorkers outside of New York City, or from actually visiting or living in New York. They also come largely from film, TV and news media outlets, that negatively, albeit often playfully, stereotype anyone from the city that never sleeps.

But those who REALLY know New Yorkers, know differently. They know that if someone grew up in New York City, chances are they possess a personality that’s an amalgamation of toughness, kindness, street smarts, tolerance, patience, expedience, awareness, boldness, and no B.S. That’s not to say some of the negative, stereotypical traits aren’t present and don’t ever emerge. However, New Yorkers are simultaneously “quite the characters,” yet filled with character.

President Trump has ALL if this and he has it in spades! What’s more, he and his New York personality came along at the right time, in a historical context, and he MADE HISTORY!

From the moment he announced his candidacy, he was faced with a formidable field of world class Republican candidates, followed by a candidate who some called the smartest, most experienced politician in the world. He was confronted by a hostile press, and a hostile media culture, which ironically loved him when he wasn't a Republican candidate.

Yes, despite these insurmountable obstacles, Donald Trump, aided by his New York-ness, did the impossible. Donald Trump, possessed the leadership, audacity and New York moxie to beat the odds and halt America’s Progressive transformation.


Now, less than three years into his Presidency, he’s also reversed the Progressive transformation, bolting America back on its Constitutional, ideological foundation. As promised, with his Big Apple bravado, he's “Making America Great Again!”

Let’s hope and pray that he does so for 5 more years, and a successor is groomed to continue his work and vision.

Other great historical figures, and their personalities, like Reagan, Thatcher, and Churchill, made similar, remarkable course changes to would-be world events. Donald Trump, and his New York personality, are among these in impact, significance and greatness.

Given America's global influence, the world should thank President Trump for saving our country, and subsequently pointing the rest of the world in the right direction. Thanks should also go to New York City for its significant role in the making of President Trump.

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about Capitalism. He co-author of #ROCKME, a Congressional Resolution that stands for "Rewards Of Capitalism:Knowledge, MORALITY, Empowerment." He’s also involved in projects that spread Capitalist ideas to the young people of Africa. Please visit his website at

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