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#ROCKME Capitalism vs. "Unity" Socialism. The Battle for America's Soul!

Candidate Biden, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, AOC, and a host of other Marxist oriented Democrat politicians, have united around the recent "Unity Task Force" manifesto.

If one has the time to read, or skim it at this link, it won't take long to conclude that if Democrats win in November, the next stop on America's political journey is all out Socialism.

Republicans need an official response, in support of Capitalism, around which to rally.

That response is the #ROCKME Resolution, from the #ROCKMEREBELS

#ROCKME is a direct response to the Marxist movement that is taking hold in the U.S. today.

Its primary goals are to:

  1. Take back the MORAL high ground in political discourse

  2. Create awareness of tremendous benefits bestowed upon humanity from Capitalism

  3. Relieve society's hard working achievers from the plague of unearned guilt

  4. Rescue our youth from their Marxist teachers and media idols.

In bullet form:

  1. #ROCKME stands for "Rewards of Capitalism: Knowledge, MORALITY, Empowerment"

  2. #ROCKME is a proposed Congressional Resolution around which Republicans can rally as Democrats rally around the Socialist inspired "Green New Deal"

  3. #ROCKME has the been introduced to, and received positive response from candidates such as: Joe Collins (vs. Maxine Waters), James P. Bradley (vs. Ted Liu), Errol Webber(vs. Karen Bass), Eric Early (vs. Adam Schiff)

  4. #ROCKME is open to all candidates who support liberty and free enterprise

  5. #ROCKME is targeted at rescuing young people from their Marxist teachers and media heroes. Groups like "Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS)" and "Turning Point USA" can help create widespread awareness of  #ROCKME among our youth

Following is the proposed #ROCKME Congressional Resolution. The goal is for it to be supported throughout the campaign season by as many candidates as possible, submitted on the first day of the new Congress by a chosen Representative, and Co-Sponsored by as many Representatives as possible:



Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the

rewards of capitalism: knowledge, morality, empowerment.


January 4, 2021

Congressperson XXX to submit the following resolution; which will be referred to

the Committee on Financial Services


Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the rewards of capitalism:

knowledge, morality, and empowerment.

Whereas the practice of the fundamental principles of capitalism has resulted in increased wages, wealth and upward mobility worldwide;

Whereas capitalism as an economic model has elevated fully half the world's population to the middle class for the first time in all of human history;

Whereas capitalism has promoted personal dignity and independence;

Whereas capitalism has improved quality of life and lengthened lifespans;

Whereas capitalism has spurred competition and innovation that reduced cost and increased

quality of goods and services;

Whereas capitalism has facilitated the spread of education and skills;

Whereas capitalism has fostered democratically accountable forms of government, and the rule of law;

Whereas capitalism, as a voluntary economic model, has created wealth and assets that make possible charitable good works, while socialism forcibly redistributes wealth and assets created by capitalism and its economic engine grinds to a halt when these are exhausted;

Whereas capitalism has consistently enabled moral societies through innovation, collaboration, consumer focus, and the honest creation of wealth for all;


Whereas capitalism historically has been and continues to be misunderstood: Now, therefore, be it

1 Resolved, That the House of Representatives encourages—

2 (1) increasing public awareness of the principles

3 and achievements of capitalism;

4 (2) the expansion of educational programs that

5 promote capitalism and honest free enterprise;

6 (3) the broadening of access to content that advocates

7 the fundamentals of capitalism;

8 (4) the awareness of the distinction between

9 capitalism and other economic systems; and

10 (5) the promotion of the study and the emulation

11 of the best practices of honest, rule-abiding capitalism.

12 (6) the commitment to recognizing capitalism as a

13 fundamentally moral form of human interaction and progress

#ROCKE needs a few courageous Congressional Candidates to embrace it as a central element of their respective campaigns. They need to announce they'll submit the #ROCKME Resolution as their first act after being sworn into Congress in 2021. They should encourage other candidates to join as Co-Sponsors to promote greater awareness of the morality of Capitalism as outlined in the resolution.

#ROCKME is movement that can not only take back the House in 2020, but can lay the foundation for the FINAL eradication of Socialism from humanity. Those who support #ROCKME are today's #ROCKMEREBELS

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