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Bernie Sanders and Socialism vs. the #ROCKMEREBELS

Over 50 years ago, a large group of mostly young people attended the famous Woodstock festival. Opinions vary as to whether it was a demonstration of peace and love, or a counter culture rebellion, expressed through drugs, sex, and poor hygiene. Regardless of one's assessment, it should be universally agreed that Woodstock was not a shining example of innovation and achievement, unless "Gimme an 'F' !!!!" qualifies as rocket science in the arts.

Speaking of rocket science, a few weeks prior to Woodstock, Neil Armstrong took "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" on the surface of the moon. While the wonder of the moon landing was not limited to young people, the reaction of the worlds' youth held special significance. They were the generation inheriting the "space age," and tasked with the challenge of moving society forward at an even greater technological and innovative pace. Respond they did, to the point where humans will soon be walking on Mars.

The contrast been young people at Woodstock and young people who admired the moon walk is not meant to imply these were different groups of youth. lt's quite possible there was significant overlap between the groups. In other words, among those teens who thought "Jumpin' Jack Flash" was a "gas, gas, gas," there were likely many who also had posters of rocket ships and space suits hanging on their bedroom walls. The point is, a philosophical disconnect existed in 1969 among America's youth, and as we shall see, it not only still exists today, but it's magnified to a much greater degree.

In 1969, it would be easier to understand how a teen, who hadn't yet witnessed the ravages of Socialism, as manifested in the fall of the Iron Curtain, the breakup of Soviet Russia, the genocides in China and Cambodia, and the more recent devastation in Venezuela, might lean towards the political Left. After all, the Soviets were the first to put a man in space, and even back then, the schools and culture at large were sympathetic at some level towards Communism.

Fast forward to 2020. Today's youth are not only current beneficiaries of the brilliant achievements of Capitalism, but they stand the most to gain by the prospect of its accelerating accomplishments. Yet, despite iPhones, self-driving vehicles, energy independence, e-commerce, wonder drugs, Uber, and whatever anyone wants to add to the list of "cool things the world owes to Capitalism," not a week goes by when a poll isn't published about youths increasingly supportive of Socialism! Is it cool to type "WTF?!" at this point?

Much like 1969, we're witnessing a confused, intellectually abused, population of young people who are showered with the rewards of free enterprise, yet adore a politician intent on destroying the very fabric of society through Socialism!

As I type, the avowed Socialist, Bernie Sanders is the current front runner in the Democratic race to see who becomes the party's Presidential candidate. He holds this position largely because of his popularity among today's youth.

Given Capitalism's glorious record of achievement, and its amazing economic trajectory when compared to Socialism, it's unconscionable that ANYONE would consider the likes of Bernie Sanders as a serious Presidential candidate. Nonetheless, Bernie Sanders is a rock star among America's youth. This brings us to the #ROCKMEREBELS.

#ROCKME stands for "Rewards Of Capitalism: Knowledge, MORALITY, Empowerment." It's also the title of the Congressional Resolution, which visionary candidate Ruth Papazian promised to submit as her first legislative act, after winning New York's CD14 Congressional seat from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .

#ROCKME's primary goal is to create widespread awareness of both Capitalism's tremendous benefit to the world at large, AND, its moral foundations.

Along with Ruth, several other candidates have expressed interest in joining the team, and taking on the rising tide of Socialists who are taking over the Democratic party. These #ROCKMEREBELS, are Congressional candidates who agree to Co-Sponsor the resolution once they're sworn into office.

With their drive and commitment to promoting the values of Capitalism, as outlined in the #ROCKME RESOLUTION, the #ROCKMEREBELS can ensure that candidates like Bernie Sanders are never taken seriously again.

Socialism will be PERMANENTLY defeated!

Michael Malgeri is the creator of the “Johnny Profit” series of children’s books, which teaches young people about Capitalism. He is a co-author of #ROCKME, a Congressional Resolution that stands for "Rewards Of Capitalism:Knowledge, MORALITY, Empowerment." He’s also involved in projects that spread Capitalist ideas to the young people of Africa. Please visit his website at Kids4biz

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