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Covid is OUR War, and Capitalism is our Weapon!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Many of our heroes from America's wars are still with us, though the numbers dwindle. Those that enlisted, or were drafted, are anointed with accolades of valor. Although there were many that did not serve in the armed forces in WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and other conflicts, millions served in patriotic ways.

In days gone by, the enemies were dictators, nation states, and other aggressors against freedom and national sovereignty. With a righteous foundation, embodied in its founding documents ( Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), America has prevailed in conflicts for nearly two and half centuries.

Secondary in foundation, yet no less instrumental in America's domination in warfare and peaceful progress, is America's economic engine. The power of Capitalism, even while hampered by Socialistic forces throughout its history, has enabled the United States of America to claim the title of "civilization's most moral nation."

Today, the enemy is a deadly virus. While this is not a foe to be confronted with tanks, planes, bombs, and bullets, it is an enemy against which we must AGAIN aim our powerful economic engine. It's AGAIN an enemy to be confronted by those who "suit up" as heroes for direct confrontation, and those who fight as patriots in other ways.

Who are those who suit up as heroes. On the "front lines," they are the workers that come in direct contact with, and care for those those afflicted. They are also those who continue to operate their businesses, large and small, whether restaurants, bars, health spas, hotels, retail outlets, and millions of other economic entities that produce the primary weapon against any enemy, i.e., WEALTH!

It is wealth that creates respirators, ventilators, and hospital beds. It is wealth that enables the RAPID discovery and distribution of vaccines. It is wealth that lays the foundations, which works to prevent the resurrection of future enemies.

Those that do not work on the front lines, or do not run businesses, are still patriots in the battle against evil by doing whatever they can to keep the economic engine functioning as close to normal as possible. Some, mostly the young and healthy, take a risk similar to yesterday's military men and women by not changing their daily routines other than to social distance from those most vulnerable. Others, still support and contribute to a robust economy through various virtual commerce patterns such as "work at home," "work-OUT at home," "shop online," "stream entertainment media," and the ever popular "take out."

When one views the war against COVID , and any future pandemic, in this light, it becomes clear that what we must NOT do, is abrogate our liberties to government edicts. We must not shrink from our patriotic duty to FIGHT the enemy, albeit a different one, as we have since our nation's founding.

We must be resolute in our war through our sense of righteousness as civilization's most moral nation. We must be fortified by our economic engine (Capitalism) and all those patriots, front line or otherwise, that keep it running. COVID is OUR war, and we must rise up to fight it, and not shrink in fear with lockdowns.

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