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#GlobalCapitalismAwareness (#GCA), Morality, and #ROCKME

Capitalism needs a moral foundation in order to accelerate its unprecedented benevolence towards humanity. It needs a moral foundation to quash the tyranny of Socialism.

Humans WANT to be good. The desire to behave morally is instinctive, but the ability must be acquired and willfully exercised. In other words, nature compels us to have good intentions, but leaves it to us to discover a moral code, and to follow it.

Despite its incomparable record of achievement towards global causes of eliminating hunger, homelessness, and disease, while providing life enhancing enjoyments, Capitalism is widely viewed, at best, as a necessary evil.

Instead of attacking Capitalism in schools, politics, and the media at large, young people should be allowed to consider the notions that Capitalism is built on a moral foundation, while it simultaneously provides a foundation for morality. They should be offered the ideas that Capitalism IS good, and it CREATES goodness.

One place this is happening in is Africa. Last October, the first annual #GlobalCapitalismAwareness event was held in Nigeria. Several hundred students were introduced to the roots of liberty, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They also began a journey towards understanding reasons why Capitalism is a moral economic system.

The first #ROCKME clubs were formed, to carry out the awareness mission throughout the year. #ROCKME stands for "Rewards Of Capitalism; Knowledge, MORALITY, Empowerment." Through Capitalism, individuals and societies gain knowledge, and are empowered to live happy, productive live while behaving MORALLY.

This year, the event aspires to create greater worldwide awareness through social media, and the continued formation of #ROCKME clubs worldwide.

Please join the discussion, the #GCA and #ROCKME movements, and help create global awareness of the morality of Capitalism.

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