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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

As a follow up to the recent first annual "Global Capitalism Awareness Day," young people participated in a contest to design a logo for #ROCKMESTARS clubs. Here are the entries. The winner will be announced soon:

Entry #1 - Star meaning shining in the dark, >>> meaning people

Entry #2 - Candle meaning shining in the dark, Book meaning knowledge, Star for the ROCKMESTARS

Entry #3 -hands represent empowerment, book represents knowledge, stars represent capitalism enlightenment, globe represents global change and awareness, flag represents entrepreneurship freedom

Entry # 4 - star represents a new rising of truth, flag represents entrepreneurship/freedom, hand represents unity

Entry # 5 - star means shining in every thing

Entry # 6 - The two hands represent entrepreneurship and unity of each capitalist, the globe represents global awareness in tech and freedom through young champions, the logo represents ROCKME star fo the group's club

Entry # 7

Entry # 8

Entry # 9

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